IUP at PSEA Gettysburg Summer Leadership Conference

  • IUP is accepting applications for the Gettysburg Summer Leadership Conference online up to July 26, the first day of class. There will be no on-site registration this year as we are totally online. Advance registration is strongly encouraged, as space is limited!

    IUP Graduate-Level Course Work

    Summer 2020 Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA) Leadership Conference is moving online this year.

    The conference will take the form of 24 online, synchronous classes dealing with a variety of topics across the traditional Gettysburg Schools. Participants who wish to earn IUP graduate credit need to attend two PSEA classes for each credit. In addition, you will need to write an Action Plan that describes how you will incorporate this information within the context of your own professional situation. This plan will be three to four pages long per credit hour. Finally, all participants will engage in an online seminar where their Action Plan will be presented to their peers and IUP faculty instructors for discussion and reflection. We are excited about the opportunity for participants to engage in this fashion and have the opportunity to earn the number of graduate credits they need.

    Materials for courses available for this year's conference will be online in early July, and graduate credit from IUP is currently open for registration. Space is limited, so early registration is encouraged. Participants may earn one graduate credit for every two PSEA sessions they attend. Students may register for three credits by registering for FDED 581 below. This course enables teachers to gain leadership development skills in an area of need that aligns with specific leadership responsibilities in and out of the classroom.

    IUP Graduate Courses  

    • FDED 581.501 CRN 30691 - Effective Educational Leadership in Theory and Practice (3 credits)

    View course descriptions below.

    LDC Member and IUP professor Mark Twiest (mgtwiest@iup.edu) ) will meet with participants of the IUP credit option on a regular basis. This will culminate in an online seminar with groups of teachers as they present their Action Plans to their peers and instructors

    Work to be submitted includes an Action Plan paper* and participation in an online seminar with nine of your colleagues.

    Presentation: Prepare a five- to 10-minute presentation about your experience with online leadership conference sessions and the contents of your paper. This presentation should allow time for questions and discussion with your peers. This will allow for the exchange of ideas across multiple settings and regions of the state.

    *Action Plan paper: Prepare an action plan outlining your plans for the information collected during the Leadership Conference sessions as it relates to you personally and professionally. This information should be applied within the context of your own professional educational setting and outline how you intend to utilize the information learned in your sessions. The paper should be completed in a scholarly manner, and be of sufficient length (typically three to five pages/credit) in order to treat the assignment in a comprehensive fashion while following APA guidelines.

    For further information about courses and requirements, contact Mark Twiest at mgtwiest@iup.edu.

    Applying for IUP Graduate Credit

    (Participants must first register with PSEA for the Leadership Conference)

    First-Time Participants:

    • Submit an online application and $50 application fee to the IUP School of Graduate Studies and Research. Items to note as you complete the online application (which must be completed in full):
      • As a first-time applicant, create your IUP Admissions Profile.
      • Select Graduate as your Application Type.
      • Select Summer 2020 as your entry term.
      • Select Level 2 Certification as your Planned Course of Study, and Gettysburg College as your Program Location.
    • Upload a copy of your Level I Teaching Certificate in the Supplemental Items tab on your Admissions Profile.
    • Submit your $50 application fee on our secure online marketplace.
    • Complete and admitted applicants will be sent course registration instructions. Students must register online for their IUP graduate course.

    Previous Participants (within the past five years):

    • Register online for your course by logging in to the secure area of MyIUP. For assistance with username or passwords, call 724-357-2222 or email graduate-admissions@iup.edu.

    All participants—new and continuing—must register online for their IUP course.

    Tuition and Fees

    Students taking IUP credit are required to pay tuition, the Technology Fee, the Student Service Fee, and the $50 application fee. View graduate tuition and fee information.

    Course Descriptions

     FDED 581.501 –  CRN 30691- Effective Educational Leadership in Theory and Practice (3cr)

    This course is designed to affect change in leadership strategies by providing alternatives to traditional leadership techniques. Problems in the education community will remain if traditional strategies and techniques are utilized. A combination of theory grounded in real world senerios and situations will provide participants with the opportunity to explore alternative strategies and provide more effective leadership to affect need change in the educational community.