Majors in the Kopchick College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

  • Biochemistry Majors

    /uploadedImages/Units/H/Honors_College/Our_Students/Profiles/NSM/Rebecca_Cerio.png Rebecca Cerio

    • Class of 2000
    • Hometown: Hazleton, Pennsylvania
    • Majors: Biochemistry (BS) and Biology (BA)
    • Minor: Chemistry
    • Further degrees: Ph.D., Microbiology (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
    • Current employer and job: Postdoctoral research fellow, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health

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    Meghan Fitzpatrick

    • Class of 2002
    • Major: Biochemistry
    • Hometown: Markleysburg, Pennsylvania
    • Further degrees: MD, Temple University School of Medicine, 2006
    • Current Employer and Job: UPMC - Fellow in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

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    Kaycie Butler

    • Class of 2008
    • Hometown: Greensburg, Pennsylvania
    • Major: Biochemistry
    • Minors: Chemistry and Biology
    • Current Status: Graduate Student, Chemistry - California Institute of Technology

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  • Biology Majors

    Luke Matthews Luke Matthews

    • Class of 2002
    • Hometown: Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania
    • Majors: Anthropology and Biology
    • Minor: Chemistry
    • Further Degrees: M.A., Anthropology, NYU. Ph.D., Anthropology, NYU
    • Current Job: MedNetworks, Director of Data Analysis

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    Nnenna Okoye

    Nnenna Okoye

    • Class of 2005
    • Major: Biology (Pre-medicine)
    • Minor: Economics
    • Hometown: Legal hometown is Detroit, Michigan. My formative years, however, were spent in Nigeria, West Africa.
    • Further Degrees: University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business – MBA – May 2009
    • Current Employer: FSM/TD CS Senior financial analyst, Intel Corporation

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    Alicia Rich

    Alicia Rich

    • Class of 2008
    • Majors: Biology and Anthropology
    • Hometown: Home, Pennsylvania
    • Further Degrees: Right now I am working on my Ph.D. in Biological Anthropology at Indiana University. I will earn an M.A. through the process once I complete my qualifying exams and defend my dissertation topic.
    • Current Employer: Currently I am a temporary park ranger for the Army Corps of Engineers at Lake Monroe near Bloomington, Indiana, but that is just my summer job to earn some extra money to cover grad school costs. I am still waiting on a decision for fall associate instructor positions, but hopefully I will be an associate instructor for either the Biology or Anthropology departments here at Indiana University.

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    Wendy Leuenberger

    • Class of 2014
    • Major: Biology - Ecology, Conservation and Environmental Biology
    • Hometown: Lincoln, Nebraska
    • Future Education Plans: I intend to get an M.S. and Ph.D. in Conservation Biology, Entomology, or Ecology.
    • Current Research: I’m developing an undergraduate thesis studying the Lepidopteran (butterflies and moths) communities in scrub oak-pitch pine barrens before and after controlled fires to determine the impact.

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  • Chemistry Majors

    Tom BakerThomas Baker

    • Class of 2005
    • Hometown: Bloomsburg, Pa.
    • Major: Chemistry
    • Minors: Physics and Mathematics
    • Further Degrees: M.S. Chemical Physics, Harvard; Ph.D. Chemical Physics, Harvard
    • Current Employer: University of California, Berkeley, Post-doctoral researcher in the chemistry department

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    Jennifer SloppyJennifer Sloppy

    • Class of 2005
    • Hometown: Woodland, Pa.
    • Major: Chemistry
    • Minors: Physics and Mathematics
    • Further Degrees: Ph.D., Penn State, Materials Science
    • Current Employer and Job: Penn State, Post-doctoral Researcher

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    Catie GummCatherine Gumm

    • Class of 2007
    • Hometown: Seattle, Wash.
    • Major: Chemistry
    • Minor: Mathematics
    • Further degrees: Pursuing Ph.D. at Iowa State University in Chemical Engineering and Biorenewable Resources and Technology, Minor in Soil Science
    • Current Employer and Job: Graduate Research Assistant, Center for Sustainable Environmental Technologies, Iowa State University

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    Jennifer BeveridgeJennifer Beveridge

    • Class of 2011
    • Hometown: Harrisburg, Pa.
    • Major: Chemistry
    • Minor: Physics

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  • Physics Majors

    Brent BarkerBrent Barker

    • Class of 2007
    • Hometown: Homer City, Pennsylvania
    • Major: Physics
    • Minors: Computer Science and Mathematics
    • Further Degrees: Currently attending Michigan State University
    • Current Employer: National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory, Michigan State University
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    Chris DuffordChris Dufford

    • Class of 2006
    • Hometown: Rogers, Arkansas
    • Major: Physics
    • Further Degrees:  MS in Medical Physics from the University of Oklahoma
    • Current Employer: United States Air Force, 1st Lieutenant, medical physicist

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  • Psychology Majors

    Amber BloomfieldAmber Bloomfield

    • Class of 2000
    • Hometown: Fremont, Nebraska
    • Major: Psychology
    • Minor: Anthropology
    • Further Degrees: Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology, Northwestern University
    • Current Employer: Assistant Research Scientist, University of Maryland

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    Seth HawkinsSeth Hawkins

    • Class of 2007
    • Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
    • Major: Psychology
    • Minor: English
    • Further Degrees: Masters in Counseling (in progress)
    • Current Employer: I currently work as a graduate assistant at a high school. I will brag a little bit :) I work at the International Academy in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. It was listed as the second best public high school in 2009 by Newsweek.

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    Korie KleinKorie Klein

    • Class of 2003
    • Major: Psychology
    • Minors: Anthropology and English
    • Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    • What I'm Doing Now: About six months after I graduated from IUP I began working in a childcare center and eventually began a masters program at Chatham University in Early Education. I put my studies on hold and moved to Gent, Belgium, where I have been living for two years with my fiancé. I have learned Dutch and plan on trying to learn some French as well. Once I get citizenship the plan is to move back to the US so I can finish my masters and earn a doctorate to write/develop curriculum for early ed programs.

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    Jennifer Moore MossJennifer Moore Moss

    • Class of 2008
    • Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
    • Major: Psychology
    • Minors: English, Statistics, and Women’s Studies
    • Further Degrees: PhD in Health Behavior and Health Education at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (in progress)

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    Garritt FlemingGarritt Fleming

    • Class of 2011
    • Hometown: Easton, Pennsylvania
    • Major: Psychology
    • Minor: Journalism

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