Applied Anthropology, Anthropology, BA

  • Cambodia -stone ruins

    ROCK-SOLID OPPORTUNITIES Anthropology majors Sarah Libby and David Seymour accompanied Professor Anastasia Hudgins on a pilot research project in Cambodia.

    Choose Your Own Focus in the Applied Anthropology Track

    The Applied Anthropology track combines the quantitative methodological strengths, common in other social science disciplines, with the qualitative methodological strengths of cultural anthropology. The objective is to provide students with a background in anthropological method and theory, a cross-cultural perspective, and an avenue to translate this knowledge into action through internships and research. In consultation with his/her advisor, each student will focus on a specific topical area. Recent examples include students who have studied immigration issues, Native American Studies, problems of refugees, and medical anthropology. Flexibility in curriculum, together with internships and research, provide an academic career or employment outside of academic institutions.

    Garden - Lisa McCann amid flowers

    PROFESSORS PLANT SEEDS An assignment for Professor Amanda Poole’s applied anthropology class grew into a staff position at the Indiana Community Garden for Lisa McCann, class of 2014. Now the garden’s official photographer and blogger, McCann aims to build a career working with sustainability and multicultural understanding. “I absolutely love my classes, and the professors are an inspiration to me,” she says. (Kay Snyder photo)