Job Titles

  • Few jobs listed on the Internet or in newspapers or governmental publications use the word anthropologist (in some cases, archaeology or historic preservation officer is used).

    To be successful, you must become familiar with various “career titles” that closely describe your abilities. The following list is not complete but should also be a helpful guide in allowing you to “build” a career:

    Innovative, persistent job-seekers may find this Index helpful. Some of the following listings apply only to those with advanced degrees.

    Using the Internet version of papers like the New York Times or the general websites listed in the previous section can be helpful, especially if you can access their classified ads for jobs. The New York Times Sunday ads are recommended…log on, access the paper, and use their internal key word search. Find key words for jobs by reviewing this document. Think and search for ads using job titles such as: regional archaeologists, assistant curator, education development officer, archivist, planner (with a focus on ethnicity), researcher, international development.


    • Development Anthropologist
    • Forensic Anthropology Consultant
    • Social Anthropologist, National Marine Fisheries Service

    Archeologist, CRM or Historic Preservation

    • Cultural Resource Manager
    • Archaeological Technician
    • Research Associate

    Museum Manager/Curator

    Development Specialist


    Preservation Planner

    Architectural Historian

    Public Historian

    Historic Structure Review Specialist


    Some specific archaeology job titles and locations follow:

    Archeologist, DC Historic Preservation Office

    • Archeologist, Historic Archeology/CRM, National Park Service
    • Archeologist, Louis Berger & Associates Inc. NY
    • Archeologist, National Park Service
    • Archeologist, US Army Corps of Engineers, AL
    • Archeologist, US Dept of the Interior, DC
    • Archeologist II, Oklahoma Archaeological Survey
    • Assist. Arch.  Survey, Iowa State Historic Preservation Office
    • Chief Archeologist, National Park Service
    • Consulting Archeologist, Massachusetts Historical Commission
    • Director, Alexandria Archaeology, VA
    • Director, Archaeological Survey of Alberta
    • District Archaeologist, USDA, Forest Service
    • Museum Archeologist

    Archaeological Survey of Canada

    Principal Archeologist, John Milner Associates Inc, PA

    • Principal Investigator, Center for Archeology
    • Project Archaeologist, R Christopher Goodwin and Associates
    • Provincial Archaeologist, Saskatchewan Culture & Recreation
    • Regional Archeologist, National Park Service
    • Research Archaeologist, Amerind Foundation, AZ
    • Research Archeologist, Arkansas Archeological Survey
    • Research Archeologist, Center for American Archeology, IL
    • Senior Archeologist, Gilbert/ Commonwealth, MI
    • State Archaeologist, Oklahoma Archaeological Survey
    • Supervisory Archaeologist, Paul H Rosendahl PhD Inc, HI
    • Survey Archaeologist for Highways, Oregon Museum for Anthr
    • Vice President, Archaeological & Historical Consultants, PA


    • Oklahoma Historical Society

    Assistant to the President, Atlantic Community College, NJ

    Assistant Desk Officer, Peace Corps, DC

    Associate Pastor, St Matthews Cathedral, DC

    Association Executive

    • Vice President, San Antonio Museum Association, TX

    Archeological Services, Training, Administrator (International

    Training Div, USDA)


    • Associate Staff Analyst, NY City Human Resources Admin.
    • Quality Control Analyst, American National Bank, IL
    • Senior Consultant, Social Systems Analysts, MA
    • Senior Planning Analyst, NY City Human Resources Admin

    City Planner

    • Senior Analyst, Berkeley Planning Associates, CA


    • American Indian Tribe, UT
    • Associate Consultant, Planning & Management Training Step

    Consultant, International Development, Inter-Regional & Global

    Projects, NY

    Health Policy Consultant, Control Data Corp, MN

    Language Consultant, ESL, Japan

    Public Health

    • Health Data Manager/Researcher
    • Community Health Program Manager
    • Public Health Monitoring and Evaluation
    • Public Health Epidemiologist, assistant
    • Socio-Epidemiology Researcher
    • Community Health Interventionists/planner/researcher
    • Discourse Analysis/educator/communication specialist

    Organizational Consultant

    • Public Health Foundation of Los Angeles


    Associate Coordinator, Title XII Program, Office of International Programs, U-MD

    Industry-Education Coordinator


    • Assistant Curator, Carnegie Museum of Natural History, PA
    • Assistant Curator, Southeastern Architectural Archive, LA
    • Curator, National Museum, Malaysia
    • Curator of Anthropology, New York State Museum
    • Curator of Anthropology, Riverside Municipal Museum
    • Curator of Archaeology
    • Curator of Archaeology, Cincinnati Museum of Natural History
    • Field Museum of Natural History


    • Assistant Education Development Officer, USAID, DC
    • Development Anthropologist, International Development
    • Economic Development Officer, HUD, DC
    • Executive Officer, Institute for Development Anthropology


    • Assistant Director, Enrollment Management Systems, NY
    • Assistant Director, Institute for Policy Studies, PA
    • Assistant Director, Montana Alliance for Progressive Policy
    • Assistant Director, Zuni Archaeology Program
    • Deputy Director, Div of General Programs, National Endowment for the Humanities, DC
    • Deputy Director, Smithsonian Institution, WA, DC
    • Director, Centennial Archaeology Inc, CO
    • Director, Commission on US – Central American Relations, International Center for Policy Development, DC
    • Director, Cultural Resources, Regional Environmental Consultants
    • Director, East African Centre, Friends World College, Kenya
    • Director, Office of Hispanic Affairs, KPBS-TV, CA 
    • Director, Program Development, Rural Development
    • Director, Research & Publications
    • Director, Research and Information Center, Ibero-American

    Chamber of Commerce

    • Director for Faculty Research Development  
    • Director for Latin America, Management Systems International
    • Director of Development, South Street Seaport Museum, NY
    • Director of Education & Training, TRW Inc, OH
    • Director of Excavations, Thunderbird Museum &

    Archeological Park, VA

    • Director of Major Gifts, Carnegie Hall
    • Director of Museum Programs, South Street Seaport Museum
    • Director of Pathology and Laboratory Services, Coney Island

    Medical Group, PA

    • Director of Planning Services, Gangston, DeBell, Titus, VA
    • Director of Programs, American Anthropological Association
    • Director of Research, Clinical Counseling, Galveston Family
    • Institute-Center for Family Studies, TX
    • Director, Music Research Institute, CA
    • Executive Director, DC Community Humanities Council, DC
    • Executive Director, Historic Ithaca, NY
    • Executive Director, National Coalition for Jail Reform
    • Folklore Project Director, Macon County School System, NC
    • Head, Psychiatric Effectiveness Division, Naval Health

    Research Center, CA

    • Laboratory of Anthropology, Mus of Indian Arts &Culture, NM
    • Managing Director, Film Production, Ogbuide Ltd., NY
    • Multi-Cultural Community Center, Dallas Alliance of Asians
    • Navajo Tribe, Director of Planning & Legislation
    • New York State Dept. of Social Services, Child Sexual Abuse


    •  Program Director, Continuing Education, IL
    • Program Director, Health Services Research and Development,
    • Geriatric Research
    • Project Director, Continuum Corp, IL
    • Project Director, Soil Systems, Inc., AZ
    • Study Director, Prevention Research Center, CA


    • Associate Editor, Cambridge Scientific Abstracts Inc., MD
    • Technical Editor, National Transportation Safety Board, DC

    Information Officer

    Information Assistant, Social Anthropology,

    Instructor, Cross-Cultural Communication, US Army Operations

    Nutrition Advisor, USAID, DC

    Policy Analyst

    • Policy Analyst, US Dept of Health & Human Services, DC
    • Senior Policy Analyst, Organization Analyst, Organizational Analysis, NOAA, DC

    Program Analyst

    • Policy Analyst, US Dept of Health & Human Services, DC
    • Senior Policy Analyst, Organizational Analysis, NOAA, DC
    • Food Safety and Inspection Service, USDA, DC
    • Human Resources Development Institute, DC
    • Peace Corps, DC

    Program Assistant

    • Smithsonian Institution, DC

    Program Associate

    • Meals for Millions, CA

    Program Coordinator

    • International Programs, USDA Graduate School, DC
    • State Historic Preservation Office, Oregon State Parks

    Program Evaluator

    • Program Evaluator, Foundation for Health Care Evaluation

    Program Specialist

    • Publications Assistant, Information Resources Specialist, Research Assistant American Academy of Physician  Assistants, VA


    • Assistant Research Scientist, Institute for Social Research, MI
    • Associate Research Scholar, Hanna & Hanna Associates, MD
    • Director of Research, Intermountain Research, NV
    • Economic & Social Research Council, Sudan
    • National Eye Institute, NIH
    • Partner, Human Systems Research Inc., NM
    • Principal Researcher, Wessen & Associates, WA
    • Research Analyst, O.M.W.B.E., WA

    Staff Associate

    • Staff Associate, Grant Coordination, NSF, DC
    • Staff Associate, Measurement Methods & Data Resources Program, NSF, DC
    • Staff Associate, The Population Council, NY


    • Senior Customer Trainer, Auto-Crol Technologies, CO
    • Training Specialist, The BDM Corporation, CA

    Land Use Specialist

    Census Analyst

    Geographic Information System Analyst or Technician

    Location Analysts

    Real Estate Appraisers, Researchers

    Writing and editing maps, texts, atlases, etc.

    Environmental Analyst

    Travel agent, consultant

    Transportation analyst: airlines, shipping companies

    International trade (importing/exporting)

    International development technician/analyst


    For more ideas on career titles go to the IUP Library reference desk and ask for Chronicle Career Index, The Complete Guide for Occupational Titles, or Dictionary of Occupational Titles.