Honor Roll of Arboretum Donors

  • Listed below are names of donors who have chosen to support the Allegheny Arboretum at Indiana University of Pennsylvania with their charitable gifts. All gifts to the arboretum are appreciated and will be used as directed by the donors either for a specific purpose or for general use within the arboretum project.

    We value input from our donors and welcome your thoughts on the future direction of the arboretum. If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions, please contact:

    Jerry Pickering
    Professor, IUP Biology Department
    Chairperson, Board of Directors, Allegheny Arboretum at Indiana University of Pennsylvania

    Special Arboretum Projects

    Conemaugh Valley Conservancy Grant/IUP Matching Funds

    "Campbell Barn Rock Garden"
    Steve C. Ender and Karen Gislason-Ender

    "Restoration of Old Fountain Sutton East"
    Jane Geibel
    Bernard A. Moreau

    "RDC - Arboretum"
    Martha Mack Lewis Foundation
    John A. Polesky

    "Master Plan"
    Joseph E. and Alice O'Dell

    Arboretum Benches

    Frank Baker: In Honor of Arthur Shields  
    Anonymous: In Honor of Frank T. Baker
    Friends and Family of Dana Kriebel
    Mary Hassler: In Memory of William Woods Hassler, Past President of IUP
    Indiana Garden Club
    Bernard A. Moreau 
    Psychology Department: In celebration of Dana Marie Kriebel
    Ruth A. Riesenman: In Memory of Bill McKahan  
    Betty B. and Gealy W. Wallwork   
    Robert Duggan Memorial Bench: Susan Delaney, Mark Holman, Robert Hovanec, David Johnson, Kim Lyttle, David Osikowicz, Timothy Pulte, Samuel Smith and Gealy Wallwork


    Botanical Society of Indiana County  
    Gary J. Chellman
    Frances A. Dowd: In Honor of Frank L. Smardo
    Joan Fisher
    John W. Gelsdorf 
    Kathi Greenwell 
    Karen Gresh: In Honor of Lois Blair
    Jane Harris: In Recognition of Leroy A. King, IUP President 1939
    Regan and Charles Houser (2): In Memory of Judy Pidgeon
    Janice and Edward Jackson: In Memory of Rev. Bruce W. Jackson '78
    Nicholas Karatjas: In Memory of Katherine Karatjas
    Joyce and Andy Kuzneski  
    Jody and Tony Kuzneski
    James and Barbara Laughlin  
    Kathleen Manion 
    Dorothy A. Palmer  
    Mark Pasquerilla and Lisa Urgo Pasquerilla   
    Lawrence K. Pettit  
    Susan and Jerry Pickering 
    Michelle Pollock   
    Linda Morrison Schaeffer: In Honor of Barbara McNalley Geier
    Peggy and G. Fred Schrock  
    Ruth Spinelli
    Regina and Dennis Stover 
    Jean and Richard Strawcutter  

    Unrestricted Support for Arboretum

    Dawn M. Bates
    Beth A. Baumert  
    Ingeborg C. Bivins
    Lois C. Blair
    Sidney N. and Jean L. Blair
    Botanical Society of Indiana County
    Paula J. and Andrew C. Browe
    Virginia B. Bruce
    Donna J. and Karl R. Buggey 
    Sandra L. Burwell
    Richard L. Cassel
    Mary E. and Robert A. Cecchetti  
    Joseph Cimino 
    Matthew and Mary-Margaret Conjelko
    Willa Ruth Cramer 
    Jason Daniel Dana
    Janet C. and C. Eugene Decker 
    Susan Delaney  
    Dorothy L. Delia
    Melissa and Kieran M. Diorio
    Paula Drewyer  
    John V. Evans 
    Randall Exton
    Lynda and George Federoff 
    Richard and Susan Fello
    Alyce M. Fellows
    Robert H. Ferguson  
    Stephen P. Fink
    Eleanor M. and Walter W. Gallati
    Jane Y. and Robert H. Geibel
    General Biology Fund
    Rachel and Raymond D. Gibson
    Evelyn S. and Harold D. Goldsmith
    Audrey A. and Mitchell A.  Goodis
    Beverly J. Goodwin and William T. Ray
    Jacqueline Haney Gramann  
    Debra and Anthony Grieneisen  
    Steffany P. and Jeffrey L. Hartman
    Frederick J. Heagy  
    Susan C. and James J. Heidenthal
    Thomas M. Huber
    Kimberly J. and Michael Husenits  
    Indiana Garden Club  
    Robyn E. and Andrew Ivker
    Krystof Z. and Aleksandra Kaniasty
    Tammi L. Kellar
    Donald J. Kenney 
    Sherrill A. Kuckuck and Edward D. Kuckuck
    David J. and Robin LaPorte
    Neil B. Lehman and Edna Lehman
    William Lewis 
    Ann Little  
    Paul C. Makosky
    Barbara W. Marquette and Carl W. Schneider
    Margaret M. and Robert Craig Martin 
    Patricia and Patrick Mazanek
    Marcia and Bryce McCarty  
    Maureen C. McHugh
    Jack McMillen  
    Mary and Gene Mumper  
    Nancy Newkerk  
    Constance and Mike O'Neil 
    Donald A. Patchell
    Amanda L. Pelphrey
    Phi Eta Sigma  
    Susan and Jerry Pickering  
    Patrick Pisano  
    Plant Biology Fund 
    Suzanne S. and George F. Potter 
    Katrina Quinn  
    Edith Rhodes-Hahn  
    Ruth A. Riesenman  
    Loretta and Robert Rittle
    Donald U. and Bernadette Robertson 
    Laurie Roehrich and Corbin Krug
    Shirley Sato and Thomas Clemente
    Mary Jane Schafer  
    Peggy and G. Fred Schrock
    C. Donald Seagren and Dawn H. Seagren
    Patricia F. Segree  
    Thomas Selby 
    Joan and Glenn W. Shearer
    Cheryl Lynn Smith
    Kay B. and David M. Smith
    Burt G. Sorkey
    Nelson K. Stahlman
    Wendy and Jeffrey J. Svec
    Lola Jean Taylor
    Sally W. and Gordon F. Thorton
    Urban Forestry Consultants, Inc.
    Susan A. and Timothy P. Williams
    Betty B. and Gealy W. Wallwork
    Teresa A. and Jeffrey S. Williams  
    Carol K. Yuiska
    Mary L. Zanich