Coal Culture

  • Introduction

    Welcome to the Coal Culture website, where you will find images and primary sources that document the lives of Southwestern Pennsylvania miners and their families from the mid-1800s to the late-1900s. In order to enhance the value of these primary sources we have included the following information. 


    Essays written by regional historians including IUP professors, to provide historical context for primary sources.

    Lesson Plans

    Course materials written by IUP professors to incorporate Pennsylvania Coal Culture materials into the classroom.


    A database of searchable Pennsylvania Coal Culture photographs and primary documents.


    Chronology of significant events in Pennsylvania Coal Mining history.


    Bibliographic information including articles and books that offer further insight into the history of Pennsylvania Coal Culture.


    The Coal Culture website project was funded through the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA).  This website was made possible by project director Theresa McDevitt, and consultants James Dougherty, Irwin Marcus, and Soo Chun Lu. Special thanks must go to Eileen Cooper. 

    Bar Slope CBC 1930s