Biochemistry Program

  • A student works on her experiment in a biochemistry lab.

    Undergraduate Programs

    The Biochemistry degree prepares you for many avenues of science and is a strong start for admittance into graduate and professional schools. Our program is a cooperative program of the Biology and Chemistry departments and offers students state-of-the-art equipment in a high-quality program with small class sizes.

    Biochemistry, BS

    Biochemistry Minor

  • Biochemistry students holding a mushroom

    Biochemistry students with a specimen of Omphalatus olearius, or “Jack-o-lantern” mushroom. The gills of this mushroom contain luciferase, a protein that converts chemical energy into light energy—they glow in the dark.

      A mushroom glowing green when seen through a molecular imager

    The glowing gills of the mushroom above are shown visualized using a molecular imager in the biochemistry lab.

  • Biochemistry Highlights

    Career Planning
    Information about career options for biochemistry students
    Research Opportunities
    Research opportunities for biochemistry students, which can begin in the first semester at IUP
    About Biochemistry
    Biochemistry is the study of the chemical processes in living organisms.