Majors in Biochemistry

  • A student and professor work in a lab.

    First-Class Preparation Paves the Way to Expansive Career Options

    Explore the cellular universe of all living systems with your interdisciplinary study of biochemistry. Your aptitude for mathematics and curiosity about biology and chemical sciences will aid your progress. Your studies, faculty collaborations, hands-on experimentation, and internships will also boost your chances for entering master’s and doctoral programs and professional schools.

    BS in Biochemistry

    • Advance to challenging biochemistry coursework after building a strong foundation in biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics during the first two years.
    • Establish solid independent research skills under the supervision of faculty in our well-equipped biochemistry laboratory.
    • Complete an independent research project that enables you to grasp how new knowledge is discovered. Gain confidence in analytical and experimental skills that you will use in the future.
    • Seek out additional research experiences through internships and summer research opportunities.
    • Prepare for graduate studies or for professional schools in medicine or pharmacology.

    Minor in Biochemistry

    • Enhance your major in biology, chemistry, nutrition, or safety science with a minor in biochemistry.