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    What Can You Do with a B.S. in Biochemistry?

    Given the broad applications of the knowledge and skills of biochemists, there are many possibilities.

    The links provided are just a starting point to begin your exploration. 

    Activities of Recent IUP Biochemistry Graduates

    Add your name to the Registry of Undergraduate Researchers 

    The Council on Undergraduate Research has a free registry to match students with research experience with graduate programs seeking students who are prepared for research.

    Some Resources for Career Information

    • Unlocking Life’s Secrets — career booklet from the ASBMB
    • Careers — from the Biochemical Society; a good variety of career information
    • Industry Options from the ASBMB — a view of careers in industry, specifically the pharmaceutical sector
    • Science Careers — career website from the journal Science 
    • Science Careers booklets — a variety of career perspectives
    • ACS career site — focusing on chemistry
    • Becoming a Graduate Student from the ASBMB — an excellent overview for students considering graduate school
    • Get Informed — another good place to explore if you are thinking about graduate school
    • Graduate Program Profiles — from Science Careers, search programs by university, subject, or geographic location
    • — This site allows you to search for and rank graduate programs.

    GRE examinations are administered in the IUP Testing Center several times per year for students applying to graduate school.

    If you anticipate applying to medical schools, you should consult with the Kopchick College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics premedical adviser:

    Dr. N. Bharathan (, Room 114 Weyandt Hall, 724-357-2584

    Also, see the  PreMed Handbook