Research Opportunities

  • Biochemistry students doing reseach

    Research experiences build critical scientific skills that are highly valued both by employers and graduate/professional school admission committees.

    All Biochemistry Majors Do Research

    All biochemistry majors complete an independent research project at IUP under the direction of a faculty mentor. Two credits of research (BIOC 482) are required for graduation. See the guidelines for BIOC 482 for more information.

    The research experience provides students with

    • A chance to put to work knowledge gained in class
    • A grasp of how new knowledge is discovered

    • Confidence in analytical and experimental skills

    • The opportunity to take part in the scientific process by designing and performing experiments and interpreting data

    • Expanded career opportunities

    Additional Research Opportunities

    Students are strongly encouraged to seek out additional research experiences. There are a number of possibilities, including:

    • Informal research (not for course credit) — this may begin as early as the first semester

    • Summer research experiences

    Most of these programs are designed for undergraduate students who have completed two to three years of study. Two resources for finding programs are:

    Summer Research Opportunities: a list of programs from the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB)

    REU Search Site: search for Research Experience for Undergraduates programs supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF)

    Information on specific programs:

    RISE (Research Internships in Science and Engineering): a program of the German Academic Exchange Service

    SURP from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine interdisciplinary Biomedical Graduate School

    See a list of recent summer research activities of IUP Biochemistry majors to get an idea of what students have done.

    • Internships

    Sample locations of internships that IUP Biochemistry students have experienced:

    Allegheny General Hospital

    U.S. Department of Agriculture

    National Institutes of Health

    Merck Research Laboratory

    Neogen Screening, Inc.