Additional Fees

  • Housing and Dining Fees

    Dining Services

    These fees cover meals at university dining facilities and special university sponsored events. Students not charged for meal plans on their billing statements can sign dining contract agreements at the Office of Housing, Residential Living, and Dining.

    Meal plans will not be changed or canceled unless the Office of Housing, Residential Living, and Dining in the Suites on Maple West, Suite G-37 receives a written request.

    Housing Fees

    Students who have contracted for university housing, with the exception of University Towers residents, should have room and meal fees on their billing statements. If they do not appear, call the Office of Housing, Residential Living, and Dining (724-357-2696) for assistance.

    For a complete listing of fees, visit the Office of Housing, Residential Living, and Dining. The Office of Housing, Residential Living, and Dining is located in the Suites on Maple West, Suite G-37.

    For Punxsutawney campus housing fees, visit IUP Punxsutawney. Other regional campus students should call the main office of their particular campus.

    Additional Course Fees

    Additional fees may be attached to some courses; standard tuition fees are also charged. Courses currently carrying additional fees are listed below.

    Applied Music Fee

    All students enrolled in applied music (APMU) courses will be assessed a fee of $100 per credit.

    Miscellaneous Fees

    Application Fee

    A $25 application fee for international students, a $25 application fee for certain programs such as extended studies, and a $50 application fee for all graduate students, must accompany the application for admission to the university.

    This fee is not refundable. Payment can be made online at the time the application is completed through the Admissions Office, or can be mailed in with the application.

    Advance Deposit Fees

    Advance Deposit—Tuition is required of all incoming freshmen, as it solidifies their intent to enroll at IUP. Advance Deposit—Housing is required of all students planning to reside on campus. All advance deposits are payable one semester in advance and are applied to semester charges.

    • Advance deposit—Tuition: $150 (first-term freshmen only)

    Audit Fee

    Full instructional fees will be assessed for each course audited, with the exception that persons on Social Security or equivalent retirement benefits will be granted a remission of fees for such classes where space is available.

    Bad Check Charge

    A fee of up to $34 for handling charges will be assessed for each check or draft not honored by the bank upon which the check or draft was drawn for any reason, except in the event of a verifiable bank error. This fee is not covered by financial aid.

    Clinical Resource Fee

    Beginning with the fall 2018 semester, nursing students will pay a $75 per credit Clinical Resource Fee for this high-demand, high-cost offering. Visit the Undergraduate Nursing FAQ page for additional information.

    Damage Fee

    Students are responsible for damages, breakage, loss, or delayed return of university property. These fees are not covered by financial aid.

    Disney International Program Fee

    International students participating in the five- to seven-month Disney Reciprocal Exchange Program through the Office of International Education are assessed a fee of $2,000.

    Evacuation and Repatriation Fee

    All registered international students will be charged an Evacuation and Repatriation Fee based upon the below criteria:

    • Fall only: $40
    • Spring/Summer: $55
    • Summer only: $25

    Note: This fee is not refundable.

    Examination for Credit Fee

    A fee of $40 will be assessed for each examination taken for credit.

    Immigration Fee

    All registered international students will be charged an Immigration fee of $75 per semester. This fee is not refundable.

    Installment Payment Fee

    A nonrefundable fee of $50 per semester is charged to students participating in the four-installment payment plan, and $45 for students participating in the three-payment plan.

    For any student not paying the full amount due on his or her billing statement and who has not signed up through the IUP EasyPay, the Office of the Bursar will assume the student has chosen the Installment Payment Plan and will automatically enroll them in the two-payment plan for the one-time, nonrefundable fee of $40. This fee is not covered by financial aid.

    International Student Orientation Fee

    This fee of $125 is charged to all international students who register for the IUP orientation program to support associated costs.

    International Student Placement Testing Fee

    This fee of $45 is charged to all international students who test.

    Late Payment Fee

    A fee of $30 will be assessed on each monthly payment received five days after the due date, with a maximum of $120 per semester. This fee is not covered by financial aid.

    National Student Exchange Program Fee

    A $300 one-time nonrefundable administrative fee will be charged IUP students participating in the National Student Exchange Program. Students attending IUP under the National Student Exchange Program will be charged the Pennsylvania Resident Basic Fee and have the application fee waived.

    Portfolio Application/ Assessment Fee

    A nonrefundable fee of $15 will be charged to a student for each portfolio application per course. Prior to the assessment, a nonrefundable fee of one-half the current tuition per credit is required.

    Student Service Fee

    Student Service Fee of $17 per credit for undergraduate students and $14 per credit for graduate students is used to support programming and services supporting the out-of-classroom experience for both undergraduate and graduate students.

    Teacher Certification Fee

    A fee of $60 is charged to cover the administrative cost of processing a state certification. A $35 processing fee is charged for students requesting the completion of an out-of-state college verification form. Both fees can be paid at the IUP Marketplace.

    Orientation Fee

    This one-time fee covers the testing program for all incoming freshmen. It is assessed all freshmen in their first semester. The fee is $155 for the one-day testing program and $255 for the two-day program. Transfer students will be assessed a $125 fee. Placement retesting fee is $30.

    Transcript Fees

    As of May 28, 2019, the Office of the Registrar is making significant improvements to the Official Transcript request process for the same $10 processing fee. The new process will provide faster, more secure, efficient, reliable, and cost-effective print and electronic transcripts. There will no longer be paper requests for official transcripts, and all transactions will be processed via the National Student Clearinghouse website. Learn more about how to request a transcript.

    Transcripts will be withheld by IUP if a student has an outstanding financial account with the university. Payment of the bill will be required for release of transcripts.

    Wellness Fees

    Please visit the Rhonda H. Luckey Center for Health and Well-Being for an explanation of these fees.

    Other Costs

    In addition to the above fees, the average student will require $500 to $1,200 per semester for books, student organization dues, personal expenses, etc. These charges are not direct university charges.