Benjamin Snyder '20

  • Finance and Economics

    Benjamin Snyder '20 Student Gallery Winner“Searching for the perfect college can be incredibly stressful and time consuming, but the exceptional faculty and staff in the Eberly College of Business and Information Technology made the decision easy. IUP and Eberly provided me with an abundance of academic opportunities, seasoned faculty and staff, and the necessary resources to accomplish my goals. The academic and personal growth that I have experienced during my time at IUP is invaluable and will serve as a strong foundation as I start my career.

    “I was born and raised in Indiana, Pennsylvania, and developed a passion for business while completing an internship with an IUP alumnus and local entrepreneur. Near the end of my high school senior year, I decided that I wanted to pursue a career in business. The major factors in my decision to attend IUP included the opportunity to work closely with high-achieving and intelligent individuals, the Eberly Business Honors Program, the Cook Honors College, and the chance to receive additional scholarships to attend a top-tier business school.

    Another benefit in choosing IUP was the proximity of campus to my family, which greatly eased the transition to college life. When I reached the heart of IUP’s campus for the first time, I instantly fell in love with the beauty of the Oak Grove and knew that I had made the right decision.

    “My acceptance into the Cook Honors College meant that I would be required to stay on campus as a freshman, and I believe that was vital to my success at IUP. Living in the dorms allowed me to interact with a diverse group of students and engage in a variety of campus activities that positively shaped the trajectory of my college career. Through these activities I developed friendships that will last a lifetime and explored organizations that fostered academic and personal growth. The faculty and staff in Eberly and the Economics Department were incredibly helpful as I sought to establish my majors and complete my degree in a timely manner. I directly attribute my ability to graduate in four years with a double major, three honors concentrations, and a variety of enriching life experiences to the generous support and encouragement from fellow IUP students, faculty, and staff.

    “The IUP Ambassadors, also known as the IUP Student Alumni Association, is the organization that had the greatest impact on me and my success at IUP. I was nominated by an alumnus and former Eberly business student to interview for the IUP Ambassadors in the spring of my freshman year. I have served the organization in a variety of ways. I began as a very involved general member, was elected as the vice president for 2018, and then was elected as the president of the organization for 2019. As vice president, I assisted the president and was directly responsible for recruiting and interviewing new members. During my time as president, I was able to focus on important organizational matters, idea generation, and implementing plans that resulted in positive change for the organization. My peers in the business college were receptive to new ideas and collaborative efforts with other campus organizations. Lastly, during my time as a leader in the organization, I had the opportunity to present at the 2018 CASE ASAP Student Conference in Louisville, Kentucky, and assisted the presentation team for the 2019 CASE ASAP conference in Baltimore, Maryland.

    “My time in the Ambassadors helped me gain a fuller understanding and appreciation of what it means to be a truly active and engaged alumni. As a student, I have been a major proponent of young alumni being actively engaged with IUP because they are more relatable to the current students, which creates natural opportunities for mentorship. The IUP Ambassadors provided me with an opportunity to grow and develop as a leader while having the support and guidance of the other members and former leaders. It exposed me to a vast network of alumni and granted me the opportunity for an internship with another IUP alumnus. I will forever cherish the friendships, relationships, and memories that I have made as a result of this organization.

    “Through my role with the IUP Ambassadors, I have had the pleasure of providing tours to prospective incoming business students. This includes an entire tour of the campus, the business college, as well as discussions and panels directly relating to the courses and opportunities that the Eberly College of Business and Information Technology has to offer. I have served as a formal and informal peer mentor to students in the Business Honors Program and continue to advocate for the programs that Eberly has to offer such as Discover India.

    “After graduating from IUP, I intend on maintaining communication with the IUP Ambassadors, which will keep me informed about all the alumni events taking place on campus. I will also look for opportunities to speak with students in Eberly to offer college or career advice, whether that be a speaker series, the Seminar in Finance course, or another event. Eventually, I hope to serve on an IUP Alumni Advancement Council or the Alumni Board of Directors.”