2014 24th Annual IUP Business Golf Classic Participants

  • Sudhir Achar - Vantage Agora, Inc. 

    Colin Adamek - RedVector Foursome

    Kevin Adamek '81 - RedVector Foursome

    Dan Alcorn -  Cisco/ePlus/NetApp/Donwil Foursome

    Sekhar Anantharaman - Faculty, Eberly College of Business and Information Technology

    Paul Azzarelli '86 - Cisco/ePlus/NetApp/Donwil Foursome

    Nadav Baum '86 - BPU Investment Management, Inc. Foursome

    Pat Beradinelli - Cisco/ePlus/NetApp Foursome

    Elaine Berringer '06 - IUP Alumni Relations

    George Berringer 

    Prashanth Bharadwaj - Dean's Associate, Eberly College of Business and Information Technology 

    Jeff Black '13 - Fastenal Foursome

    Kristee Blanciak - Cisco/ePlus/NetApp Foursome

    David Bluemling '85 - BKD CPA's and Advisors Foursome

    George Braunegg '79 - CAST Management Consultants, Theta Xi Foursome 

    Sam Brendlinger '93 - Sheetz Foursome

    Bart Brice - Delaney Auto and Douds Furniture Foursome

    Keith Bryant -  iPipeline Foursome

    Robert Camp - Dean, Eberly College of Business and Information Technology 

    Harsha Chaturvedi - Vantage Agora, Inc. 

    Mike Ciocca '83 - S&T Bank Foursome

    Curt Cignetti - IUP Athletics

    Vic Conrad '87 - PINNACLE Financial Strategies 

    Mike Cunningham '95 - Fastenal Foursome

    Ben Dadson - Cisco/ePlus/NetApp/Donwil Foursome

    Nick D'Archangelo - Cisco/ePlus/NetApp/Donwil Foursome

    Ralph Deabrunzzo III - PNC Foursome

    Jack Delaney - Delaney Auto and Douds Furniture Foursome

    Tom Delaney - Delaney Auto and Douds Furniture Foursome

    Chris Dille '89 - Black Box Network Services Foursome

    Jim Dorney '80 - Black Box Network Services Foursome

    Julie Fertal - PNC Foursome

    Craig Fiedler - BKD CPA's and Advisors Foursome

    Dave Finui M'82 - S&T Wealth Management Foursome

    Rich Fiscus '78 - S&T Bank Foursome

    Jack Fisher - BPU Investment Management, Inc. Foursome 

    Brent Foster '90 -  Hill, Barth & King LLC

    Ben Ganter - PNC Foursome

    Lou Garzarelli '95, M'05 - IUP Student Co-Op, Janney Montgomery Scott LLC Foursome

    Dave Giron - Aramark Foursome 

    Adam Goff - PNC Foursome

    Rod Grettler '79 - iPipeline Foursome

    Paul Grieggs '92 - Cisco/ePlus/NetApp/Donwil Foursome

    Seth Grills - Elliott Group Foursome

    Dodi Walker Gross - Reed Smith

    Tim Groves '77 - First Commonwealth Bank Foursome

    Daniel Gunther - Elliott Group Foursome 

    Jerry Hammack - Sheetz Foursome

    Jim Hastings - iPipeline Foursome

    Phil Henry - IUP University Advancement Foursome 

    Nick Hoban - IUP University Advancement Foursome

    Celeste Hutchens  - IUP University Advancement Foursome 

    Bob Johnston

    Larry Karl - BPU Investment Management Inc. Foursome

    Lenny Kasubick - Aramark Foursome  

    Bill Kinol - Enterprise Bank 

    Dave Kramer '79 - Theta Xi Foursome

    Krish Krishnan - Faculty, Eberly College of Business and Information Technology

    Mike LeMasters - Aramark Foursome

    Chuck Leyh '80 - Enterprise Bank Foursome

    John Liebenguth ' 79 - Theta Xi Foursome

    Justin Little '05, M'07- IUP University Advancement Foursome

    Doug Lockard - Enterprise Bank Foursome

    Joe Lombardi - IUP University Advancement Foursome

    Chris Masetti -  Cisco/ePlus/NetApp/Donwil Foursome

    Jack McBride '69 -  Cisco/ePlus/NetApp/Donwil Foursome

    John McShane '96- First Commonwealth Bank Foursome

    Scott Meredith '82 - RedVector Foursome

    Jay Migliozzi '80 - iPipeline Foursome

    Ricky Miller - Delaney Auto and Douds Furniture Foursome

    Jeff Montgomery '92 -  Cisco/ePlus/NetApp/Donwil Foursome

    Denny Muir - Cisco/ePlus/NetApp/Donwil Foursome

    Jim Muri - S&T Bank Foursome 

    Dave North - Aramark Foursome

    Jerry Opalinski - Faculty, Eberly College of Business and Information Technology

    Jonathon Pavlik - S&T Wealth Management Foursome

    Greg Pearson - Enterprise Bank Foursome

    Alisha Phillips - Janney Montgomery Scott LLC Foursome

    Steve Piotrowicz - IUP University Advancement Foursome

    Dave Piper '84, M'89, 92, Phd '02 -  IUP Chairperson, Janney Montgomery Scott LLC Foursome

    Scott Porterfield- S&T Wealth Management Foursome

    Chuck Potthast M'77 - IUP Student Co-Op, Janney Montgomery Scott LLC Foursome

    Jeffery Predmore '89 - Terry Serafini Foursome

    Brian Pukylo '97 - First Commonwealth Bank Foursome

    Tom Ricketts - BPU Investment Management, Inc. Foursome 

    Steve Roach '01 - IUP Athletics 

    Steve Runkel - Black Box Network Services Foursome

    Brandon Schaefer - Elliott Group Foursome

    Greg Serafini - Terry Serafini Foursome

    Terry A. Serafini '61 

    Kyle Shaffer '94, M'13 - First Commonwealth Foursome

    Jim Sisitki - Sheetz Foursome

    Dave Snyder '81 - Shell Oil, Theta Xi Foursome

    Mark Spitzer - IUP University Advancement Foursome

    Wally Stapleton - IUP University Advancement Foursome

    Gary Tolfa '79 -  Investment Property Group, Theta Xi Foursome 

    Tom Trimbur - S&T Bank Foursome 

    Wes Turiano - S&T Wealth Management Foursome

    Rick Ubinger '81 - Plastikoil of PA 

    Rob Upholster - Elliott Group Foursome

    Greg Visnick - Fastenal Foursome

    Pat Wallace '85 - BKD CPA's and Advisors Foursome

    Tom Wallace '80 - RedVector Foursome

    Dan Weimer - IUP University Advancement Foursome

    Ron White - Terry Serafini Foursome

    Josh Whitney - Black Box Network Services Foursome

    Mike Yaworksi - Sheetz Foursome

    Justin Young - Fastenal Foursome

    Dan Yuhas - Cisco/ePlus/NetApp/Donwil Foursome