Assurance of Learning, Graduate: Goals and Objectives

  • Graduate (MBA) Direct Assessment: Course Embedded Measures
    Goal Learning Goals: An ECOBIT MBA graduate will be able to: Learning Objective Course and Assessment Method
    1 Integrate and synthesize knowledge from core functional areas in solving business problems Obj A: Analyze and synthesize knowledge acquired in the core functional areas to generate alternative solutions to business issues and opportunities facing organizations. Bus. Strategy – written case analysis report
    2 Apply effective managerial communication skills Obj A: Develop and analyze interpersonal, intra-organizational, and inter-organizational communication criteria. Org. Communication – virtual communication project
    Obj B: Demonstrate professional oral and writing skills. Bus. Strategy – oral presentation
    3 Comprehend and apply leadership and team building skills Obj A: Comprehend the theories and frameworks pertaining to leadership and teamwork. Org. Analysis – written case assignment and in-class exercises
    Obj B: Demonstrate team building skills in a team project setting. Org. Analysis – written case assignment and in-class exercises
    Obj C: Evaluate different leadership theories and apply an appropriate leadership style to a particular situation. Org. Analysis – written case assignment and in-class exercises
    4 Make decisions considering the legal, technological, global and cross-cultural environment of business Obj A: Understand the “rule of law” and how that law is important for decision makers. Law – mock trial assignment
    Obj B: Understand and apply strategic and tactical management of IT/IS in an organizational setting. Info. Systems – standardized quizzes
    Obj C: Understand the global and cross-cultural issues related to decision making in organizations. International Business – case analysis
    5 Demonstrate critical thinking, problem solving and managerial decision-making capabilities Obj A: Comprehend appropriate statistical and management science techniques for evaluating decision alternatives using statistical packages and manual techniques.

    Economics – regression analysis assignments

    Statistics – multiple regression analysis assignment

    Obj B: Learn to make managerial decisions pertaining to all aspects of the supply chain and supporting activities after critically analyzing various options in functional areas.

    Economics – case studies

    Finance – stock valuation project

    Info. Systems – standardized quizzes

    Marketing– interactive analytical techniques

    Operations Management –case studies and excel-based decision-making exercises

    6 Synthesize  ethical values in business decision-making Obj A: Analyze corporate social responsibility and ethics issues confronting organizations and recommend ethically responsible actions.

    Accounting – essay on CSR and analysis of a case study on ethics

    International Business – article critiques

    Marketing– scenario analysis