Palestinian Territory, AAUJ Program (EMBA)

  • IUP, in association with the Arab American University, has been offering its MBA (Executive Track) in Jenin and Ramallah (Palestinian Territory) since 2013.

    Students in the AAUJ/IUP MBA program


    The main objective of the AAUJ/IUP MBA program is to prepare successful working professionals for senior leadership roles, new careers, and entrepreneurial opportunities.

    The program further aims to prepare students to:

    • develop a deep understanding of one’s own personal values, and to strive to apply these values in service of a larger purpose within the modern business context.
    • acquire solid conceptual knowledge and terminology within core business disciplines.
    • gain insights about the interactions of different practical areas in today’s business world.
    • play a variety of roles and collaborate effectively in today’s global, rapidly changing, and project-intensive business environment.
    • express and foster creativity and innovation.
    • develop the capacity to apply knowledge in new and unfamiliar circumstances through a conceptual understanding of the relevant academic disciplines.
    • be able to analyze and interpret statistical data and economic models relating to an organization’s activities.
    • be able to analyze and evaluate complex issues on the political, economic, legal, and regulatory context of business.
    • be able to analyze and interpret financial data, and to determine the value of an organization using various techniques.

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    Contact Information

    Prashanth N. Bharadwaj, PhD
    Dean's Associate, Eberly College of Business and Information Technology
    Professor, Department of Management
    Indiana University of Pennsylvania