Making Initial Contact

  • By Phone:

    1. Introduce yourself as a student from IUP, majoring in __________.
    2. Tell the employer how you found out about the internship opportunity. (Who or what was your information source?)
    3. Confirm whether the internship is still available for Spring, Summer, or Fall, whichever is applicable.
    4. If the internship is still available, state one or two of your most saleable strengths (i.e., you may want to use your personal commercial).
    5. Ask if the employer has had student interns before, and if so, what was their job description?
    6. In case the employer wants to know the requirements for an intern, review your department’s internship requirements (available on this website).
    7. Ask the employer whether he/she would like to receive your resume or if he/she is interested in an interview. ("What is the next step?")
    8. Thank the employer for his/her time.