Chemistry Majors

  • Students doing research in a laboratory

    Chemistry Graduates Interact With Boundless Opportunities

    Career and academic options greet chemistry graduates as soon as they receive their diplomas. Schools need science teachers; the industrial complex is constantly searching for chemists and researchers.

    Master’s and doctoral graduate studies unveil an even wider context for success in medicine, law, and business. At IUP, you will be able to choose the path that resonates the most with your interests.

    Chemistry, BA

    • Embrace the interdisciplinary nature of this non-accredited degree by using it to delve into other disciplines, such as forensics and environmental issues.
    • Aspire to law school by working with your advisor to choose an academic path that aids your enrollment plans.
    • Prepare to enter pharmacy school by designing a program of study that assures enrollment.

    Chemistry, BS 

    • Pursue a career that begins with an entry-level position as an industrial chemist.
    • Qualify for various positions in industry and government that require your chemical expertise.
    • Apply for admission to a master’s or doctoral graduate school by completing accredited course work.
    • IUP’s Bachelor of Science degree is certified by the American Chemical Society.

    Pre-Medical, Chemistry, BS 

    • Pursue medical school enrollment by fulfilling coursework required for a career in medicine.
    • Qualify to assume industry or government agency jobs as a chemist.
    • Pursue master’s or doctoral graduate studies in chemistry, biochemistry, materials science, forensic science, or another area of science. 

    Chemistry Education, Chemistry, BSEd 

    • Participate in numerous hands-on class activities to master techniques for working with students.
    • Develop the skills and fulfill the requirements needed to earn teaching certification for chemistry in junior high and high schools.
    • Gain a strong foundation in chemistry.
    • The BSEd degree with a chemistry major program is certified by the American Chemical Society.

    Pre-Pharmacy, Chemistry, BS

    • Start pharmacy school after your third year. 
    • Earn an American Chemistry Society certified degree, which will qualify you for other jobs in the chemistry field.

    Interdisciplinary, Chemistry, BS

    • Expand your career options with a minor or double major, all within a four-year schedule of classes.
    • Combine your interest in chemistry with your interest in other fields like journalism, music, art, etc. 

    Minor in Chemistry

    • Enrich your career possibilities by complimenting your major with the chemistry curriculum.

    BS or Minor in Biochemistry

    • Diversify across two scientific disciplines through a unique cooperative program between the Biology and Chemistry departments.

    Start Your Master’s Degree Early with the (4+1) Program in Applied and Industrial Chemistry

    This 30-credit graduate program saves you time and money by letting you enter graduate studies early while still working on your undergraduate degree.

    With early admission in junior year:

    • Twelve graduate credits taken in your senior year will count toward both graduate and undergraduate degrees.
    • Take an additional 18 credits in your fifth year for the master’s program.