Chemistry Tutoring

  • There are many sources for free and for-hire assistance. Here are the most common. Ask your course professor if there are other sources specific for your course. 

    Free Tutoring:

    The students of the American Chemical Society (ACS) Student affiliate club at IUP offer free walk-in tutoring to all IUP students enrolled in chemistry classes. The ACS club holds free tutoring Monday–Thursday, 7:00–8:00 p.m., during the Fall and Spring academic semesters in room 128 of Weyandt Hall. Be sure to arrive with your course notes, text, and a list of topics you would like to study. 

    Supplemental Instruction:

    The Department of Developmental Studies provides Supplemental Instruction (SI) for sections of courses with difficult content. For courses with SI, peer leaders who sit in the same class lecture guide sessions designed to supplement course content. Session leaders review notes, clarify text material, discuss course concepts, use practice worksheets, and provide practice exams. Sessions meet twice weekly for one hour. The peer-led sessions are free to those students enrolled in their respective course sections. 

    Personal Tutors:

    From time to time, we receive requests to link up students with student tutors. All students should contact the student officers of the ACS and AXE Chemistry Clubs for more information pertaining to available tutors who do not have an affiliation with the Chemistry Department.