Mary Beth Leidman

  • Education

    EdD - Peabody College, Vanderbilt University

    BackgroundMary Beth Leidman

    Mary Beth Leidman is a professor who concentrates on all aspects of radio and television. She continues to work in the field and has produced television programming broadcast on regional PBS stations and radio content heard in both Western Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C.

    She also was the educational consultant for Gina D’s Kids Club, a live action/animated children’s television show, as well as executive producer for the NCA Film Festival feature Intersecting Sparks: Art and Science, Research and Imagination.

    Leidman and co-author Hollywood director Steve Binder recently published Fade Up–26: The Movers and Shakers of Variety Television, an exploration of the creativity in TV and its impact on the genre. She was a media critic for many years and has authored more than 30 scholarly articles. Leidman’s education includes an associate degree from Montgomery College, bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Emerson College, a certificate (American master’s level) from WUJS Graduate Studies Institute in Israel, and her doctorate from Vanderbilt.

    During the summer months, Leidman finds time to follow baseball and sail her boat. Her greatest wish is to invent a methodology to combine the two sports.