Communications Media Certificate in Photography and Digital Imaging

  • Comm Media students in a computer lab

    CUTTING-EDGE OPPORTUNITIES — Students studying communications graphics and photography have access to a Mac computer lab and two photography studios.

    Sharpen Your Skills in Photography, Image Optimization, and Display

    For the 18-credit Certificate in Photography and Digital Imaging, you will take five three-credit core courses and an additional three credits of electives. Completing this certificate program will help to prepare you for careers involving photography or increase your value to employers in related areas.

    Certificate Counts as a Communications Media Minor

    Majors from other departments will be able to declare a communications media minor along with receiving this certificate.

    Core Courses: 15

    • COMM 101 - Communications Media in American Society 3cr
    • COMM 271 - Beginning Photography 3cr
    • COMM 371 - Photography II: The Print 3cr
    • COMM 374 - Documentary Photography 3cr
    • COMM 471 - Electronic Imaging 3cr

    Electives: 3

    • COMM 151 - Basic Lighting for Still and Motion Imagery 1cr
    • COMM 201 - Internet and Multimedia 3cr
    • COMM 240 - Communications Graphics 3cr
    • COMM 251 - Television Production 3cr
    • COMM 335 - Communications Consulting and Project Management 3cr
    • COMM 390 - Practicum in Communications 1-3cr
    • COMM 408 - Media Field Studies 3cr
    • COMM 440 - Multimedia Production 3cr
    • COMM 481 - Special Topics 1-3cr