Dylan Corp

  • Orientation

    In therapy-speak, my theoretical orientation is integrative, with an emphasis on a humanistic approach that incorporates other evidence-based treatments including psychodynamic, interpersonal, multicultural, and cognitive-behavioral theories. More simply, I work collaboratively with clients and respect their natural agency, insight, and strengths. My primary goal is to help clients lead more genuine and meaningful lives, consistent with who they want to be rather than what they believe they must be. I often make connections between current concerns and past experiences to deepen clients’ awareness of unhealthy patterns to foster more long-lasting change. I value honesty, humility, and humor in my work and try to make therapy fulfilling, and when possible, fun! I care deeply about creating a safe and brave environment in the therapy room and aim to empower those who may feel marginalized in their families, communities, or societies. This means one’s intersecting identities (including their spirituality, race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, etc.) are not ignored and seen as essential to understanding their experiences of themselves and the world. Overall, I believe happiness is not something received or achieved, but the byproduct of ongoing, deliberate effort to be who you really are.

    “The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction, not a destination.” – Carl Rogers


    Development of identity, fostering meaning in life, depression/anxiety, adjustment, grief and loss, improving interpersonal relationships, couples therapy


    Outreach coordinator, group coordinator