Emily Jackson

  • Orientation

    Psychodynamic, humanistic-existential. I consider the therapy relationship a fundamental aspect of healing, and believe it is not only a new understanding, but also a new experience that often facilitates this process. My work entails helping clients gain greater understanding of factors (e.g., emotions, needs, repetitive patterns, unresolved issues) underlying and motivating their reasons for seeking help. I also listen for ways that deeper matters of human existence (e.g., meaning, purpose, freedom, responsibility, authenticity) may be contributing to clients’ concerns, or may offer avenues for healing and growth. I believe the relationship is also of fundamental importance in supervision; I value trainees’ personal and professional growth, and work to tailor the experience to their needs and goals.


    Identity formation, ego development/strength, relational issues, religion/spirituality, psychotherapy process/outcome, transference and countertransference, training/supervision


    Outreach coordinator, Alcohol and Other Drug coordinator, Suicide Task Force of Indiana County