College Concerns

  • College can be a new, stressful, and difficult time. Students may face concerns with their academic work, worry about fitting in, or fall victim to procrastination and test anxiety. Click on the different sections below for more information. 

    Academic Concerns 

    The transition into college can be a difficult and demanding period. Students may find the workload overwhelming and have trouble keeping up with their classes, but there are ways to manage the workload and stress. 

    ACT has a collection of exercises that can help with academic concerns and confidence:

    • Building self-confidence
    • Dealing with setbacks
    • Overcoming pessimism
    • Reducing test anxiety

    If you are struggling with a course, talk with your professor during office hours for extra help and guidance. Your professor is there to help; that’s what the office hours are for! For further assistance, IUP Academic Support offers Walk-In Peer Tutoring

    Remember, the information in the following sections are only meant to serve as helpful suggestions. If you would rather talk with a counselor about your concerns, please schedule an appointment with the counseling center. 

  • Test Anxiety
    Even with confidence in your study skills, you may still experience test anxiety. This page provides some suggestions on how to cope with your test anxiety.
    Putting off assignments and responsibilities is a common problem for many students. Contrary to popular belief, procrastination can be handled and avoided.
    Maintaining a Balance
    Finding the right balance in college is important to keep yourself from feeling overwhelmed and unstressed. Read through for some general tips on how to maintain balance.
    Homesickness Tips
    What is homesickness? In a word, homesickness represents loss.