Cyber Security Club Activities

  • Club Meetings

    Every other Tuesday evening from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. via Zoom

    Interested in Cybersecurity?

    Expose yourself to new experiences and activities 

    • Collaborate with others 
    • Build up your résumé
    • Learn new security advances
    • Discuss cutting-edge topics
    • Bring your ideas to the table

    Who We Are

    The Cyber Security Club is a student-run club with the goal of providing outside-of-class activities relevant to the industry. Attendees will leave with valuable experience proven to be useful during interviews and jobs. The club is open to everybody at IUP no matter what experience level or major you are. Our goal is to expand our knowledge of cybersecurity and information security through hands-on experience and direct interaction with professionals in the field.

    2019 CAE Hackathon Participants

    Our club competed in the 2019 CAE-NE Hackathon and placed first. This opportunity provided hands-on experience in combating real-life cyber threats. No prior experience is required to participate in a hackathon—you learn as you compete. More info on this competition can be found in this news post about the Hackathon. Stop by our next meeting to learn more about future activities.

    Recently, the Club members organized the first IUP Hackathon event on November 7, 2020. That competition was opened to IUP students and members of the community. For details on that event, please visit its page.

    How to Join the Club

    You can get added to the Cyber Security Club email list by emailing our secretary, Dan Saylor, at, and then keep up to date with all of the clubs current and future activities. This is how we are distributing the Zoom meeting link for the meetings. There is no attendance requirement or monetary fee to participate in the club. We encourage all members to come as often as their schedules allow. We hope to see you at our next meeting! 

    Spring 2021 Meetings

    • February 2: Social Engineering with OSINT
    • February 16: Keyloggers: How they work
    • March 2: Embedded Code in YouTube Videos
    • March 16: Python Type Hinting/Checking
    • See all our previous meetings here

    Officers for 2020–21

    President: Chase Geis,
    Vice President:  Frank May,
    Secretary: Dan Saylor,
    Treasurer: Brooklyn Kotula,
    Faculty advisor: Waleed Farag