Freshman Year Experience

  • The Freshman Year Experience Program provides a first-year program of freshman seminar courses that include Introduction to Higher Learning (DVST 150)*, Learning Strategies (DVST 160), and Career Exploration (DVST 170). These one-credit courses may be taken individually or as a package, depending on the students’ needs and interests.

    DVST 150, Introduction to Higher Education

    Introduces the system of higher education and skills that promote effective educational planning and academic success. Orients students to the systems, resources, policies, and procedures of IUP and to the Liberal Studies curriculum. Emphasizes goal setting, decision making, self-monitoring, and time-management skills.

    DVST 160, Learning Strategies

    Encourages students to develop and use effective and efficient study strategies on a consistent basis. Students examine academic goals and implement study strategies to help achieve those goals. Includes the topics of goal setting and self-monitoring, learning styles, test preparation and test taking. lecture and textbook note taking, time management, concentration, and general strategies for learning. Students are required to give evidence of application of the study strategies to other courses in which they are currently enrolled. Active participation in class meetings is expected.

    DVST 170, Career Exploration

    Introduces the theoretical and practical framework with which to explore careers compatible with overall academic skills, aptitudes, and life goals. Students examine the world of work, assess their interests and abilities, and make realistic decisions on academic majors and careers. (Cross-listed as ADVT 170. These courses may be substituted for each other and be used interchangeably for D or F repeats but may not be counted for duplicated credit.)

    *DVST 150 can also be completed as part of Introduction to Higher Education.

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