Academic Recovery

    • Standards = Principles and Values 
    • Success = Achievement, Accomplishment, and Victory!

    Please familiarize yourself with this overview of actions for Academic Success. 

    What is Academic Recovery?

    Students not meeting the 2.00 CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) standard must design and implement a comprehensive plan leading to academic good standing.

    What is the Academic Recovery Plan?

    A plan must be developed with and approved by your Academic Standards Officer. If needed, your academic advisor can share with you the name of your Academic Standards Officer.

    The plan consists of four steps.

    The plan is easy to do, and it takes just a little bit of dedicated, quiet time. Directions and forms are provided to assist you through the steps of the plan.

    • Step 1: Analysis
      Students must identify the factors causing their unsatisfactory academic achievement.
    • Step 2: Planning
      Plans must include a schedule of minimum grades needed to achieve academic good standing.
    • Step 3: Commitment
      Students must commit to the changes in behavior necessary to achieve academic success. This might include changes in time management, career exploration, and the use of support services such as academic advisors, tutoring, the Writing Center, the Counseling Center, the Department of Developmental Studies support courses and workshops on study skills and related activities, and any other opportunities deemed important by the Academic Standards Officer.
    • Step 4: Documentation
      Each plan must include a satisfactory method of documentation. Records of attendance at classes and support services, journaling of activities supporting efforts towards academic success, and meetings (conferences) are potential vehicles to be considered.

    Now, please proceed to Services for these action and planning activities:

    • Academic Recovery
    • Academic Support Courses – Credit Bearing Courses
    • Academic Support Courses – not for Credit
    • Assessment for Academic Recovery
    • Differences Between High School and College
    • Getting It Together
    • Journaling
    • Study Cards
    • Your Time Management

    In advance, congratulations to you for being interested enough to explore and incorporate steps and efforts for success!

    Best wishes for your academic success!

    Please note: For a full overview of the Academic Standards Policy, visit the IUP Undergraduate Catalog.