Inventory of Factors Limiting Success

  • Follow these three simple steps in order to complete your “Inventory of Factors Limiting Success.”

    First Step: 

    Complete this list by marking an X in front of each item that, in general, limits your success. 

    Second Step: 

    Put a circle around the X for issues that bothered you the most. 

    Third Step: 

    Use the results of this inventory for a discussion with your advisor.

    Goals and Direction

    • Unsure of interests
    • No clear career goals 
    • Unable to decide on major (undeclared)
    • Unsure of present major 
    • Need help to match abilities to choice of major
    • Not sure I want to be in college 
    • Not sure IUP is the right place for me
    • Other:

    Academic Issues

    • General lack of study skills 
    • Insufficient reading skills to cover tasks
    • Insufficient math skills 
    • Poor organization skills 
    • Poor notetaking skills in lectures 
    • Poor high school preparation 
    • Unable to understand course material 
    • Too heavy a course load (# of course credit hours __________) 
    • Faculty not available during office hours 
    • Unable to get tutoring
    • Other:

    Class Attendance

    • Overall pattern of class attendance – check appropriate level:
      • 95-100% 
      • 75-94% 
      • 50-74% 
      • 25-49% 
      • Less than 25% 
    • Lack of attendance has limited my success 
    • Other:

    Time Management

    • Difficulty with time management
    • Poor study environment
    • Lack of time spent on course preparation 
    • Working too many hours 
    • Too many hours in athletics
    • Too many hours in activities 
    • Too much leisure time or recreation 
    • Other:

    Personal Issues

    • Physical illness
    • Physical injury 
    • Financial problems 
    • Dating or other relationship problems 
    • Housing, roommate issues 
    • Racial or other diversity issues 
    • Loneliness 
    • Can’t make friends
    • Homesickness
    • Distracted by family problems at home
    • I have substantial family commitments 
    • Use of alcohol or other substance abuse 
    • Can’t find meaning for anything 
    • Can’t handle stress
    • Feel overwhelmed much of the time
    • Feel “blue”
    • Other: