Add Content from Another Web Page

  • Are you pasting a link from another IUP webpage?

    You will need to edit the link after pasting it.

    Click within the link to show the web address field. A pasted quicklink will have “” at the beginning. This must be removed for the quicklink to work. All quicklinks must begin with /WorkArea...

  • When editing or creating webpages, you may want to copy text from another website or document and paste it onto your new site. However, pasting text from another website may bring along code that you don’t want in Ektron, as it can alter the appearance of your content.

    Because Ektron’s CMS editor is similar to Microsoft Word and uses many of the same shortcuts, you can use the shortcut for paste, if you wish (Ctrl+V). The Ektron editor will strip out most unnecessary code, although it will still try to apply the correct headings, bulleted and numbered lists, etc.

    Best Practice:

    Review the pasted text and make sure it conforms to the IUP Web Style Guide. Check the links as well, converting any links to IUP webpages into quicklinks. For more information, see our Advanced Editing section.