Content: Put in the Right Place

  • To make it easier for our website visitors to find the information they seek, we encourage all units, whenever possible, to organize their site content in the same way. To this end, we have created a set of standard folders to help you organize your website into sections.

    Following is a guide to the various folders available to web maintainers. Each content item and page layout must be placed in a folder within your site. This information is intended to help you identify the proper folder for each content item. Please note that:

    1. You won’t have all of these folders available by default. We give each a selection of the folders they are most likely to use. To request an additional folder, please contact the Digital Team (
    2. You do not need to use all of these folders. If there’s a folder available to you that you don’t need, simply don’t use it (and remove any pages in it from your menus).
    3. In the information below, “unit” refers to any department, office, division, college, or other group that has its own site on
      Note: An alias is simply a different name for a URL, such as “”.
    4. There are two main subsections of your folders:
      • The content folders hold all of the text, images, and downloadable files that appear on your site.
      • The page layout folders are labeled identically for ease of organization. These are the actual web pages.

    Home page


    This is the introductory page to your site. Here you can enter the main photo, a brief description of your unit, the mission statement (which could also go under the About section), and any other general information. The unit address, phone number, and hours of operation were entered in advance and should already be on the page. A collection block is available for you to enter links to site highlights. News and events blocks are also available to display links to your latest entries in the News and Events sections.

    !Page Layouts

    This set of folders contain your site’s page layouts, the actual pages of your website.



    General information about your unit should be entered here. This section can build on the general description you may have entered on your home page. You may want to enter your unit’s mission statement—if it’s not included on your home page—and a list of facilities (labs, galleries, rehearsal facilities, equipment, etc.), and other general information. A list of services offered by your unit should be entered under the Services section of your site.

    Auto Content/Personnel

    This is a legacy folder and should be ignored.

    Centers and Institutes


    Enter a list of all centers and institutes within your college. In most cases, each center or institute will have its own site, and you will link to that site from this list. However, you may include brief descriptions here, if you wish.

    College Technology


    Enter information about the technology within your college. That could include information about the technology manager, resources available, lab and equipment schedules, network standards, technology assistance, etc.



    Enter a list of departments within your college, with links to each department’s individual site.



    Enter events for your unit into this calendar. Examples include programs, open houses, guest speakers, registration deadlines, etc. This calendar is for your unit alone, not part of a university-wide, central calendar. Enter internal events or meetings at your own discretion, as your calendar can be viewed by anyone using the IUP website.

    To give the reader more information, you can create a link from any event on your calendar to a news bulletin within your site (See News section), to other content within the IUP site, or to an external website.



    This section is for frequently asked questions. Think of some of the most common questions you’re asked about various functions of your unit. The FAQ page is created by using a smart form. (If this smart form is not available to you, contact the Digital Team.) On this form, enter the question, followed by the answer, and both will be formatted automatically. Click the “add” icon to add subsequent questions and answers. (This page may have some overlap with the How To section.)



    Enter forms—online or printable—here. Examples include requests for services, direct deposit, applications for graduation, fee waivers, etc.

    Hot Topics


    This section is not for information about essential services and functions of your unit. Rather, it is for additional information you want to make available to your site’s users, such as global or national events of interest, in-demand jobs, recently developed technology or products of interest, etc.

    Information about new or changing services within your unit could be included under News and Services.

    For example, during flu season, the Health Service site may have information about its distribution of flu shots under News and/or Events. However, it may contain information about the flu vaccine, flu symptoms, a list of local flu-shot clinics, etc. under Hot Topics. Items under News and Events could also link to content under Hot Topics.

    How To


    As the name suggests, this section should have information telling site users how to carry out specific tasks at an administrative office. Examples include how to register for classes, pay parking fines, etc. (There may be some overlap with the FAQ or Policies sections).

    IUP Only

    This section is for private content, or content that is available only to the IUP community. Examples of content you may want to house here are university marketing strategies, committee minutes, and information used by search committees concerning job candidates. Keep in mind that anyone with a valid IUP username and password—faculty, staff, and students—can access this information.



    Enter directions to your unit or its facilities (labs, galleries, rehearsal facilities, etc.) here. This is especially useful for locations that are difficult to find. There is no need to enter the main address of your unit, which displays automatically on every page.



    This section is for news bulletins relating to your unit. For example, if you have information you wish to post about a new staff or faculty member, new services being offered, an upcoming event, registration deadlines, or awards and achievements, include it here.

    Links can be made from the calendar of events (Events section) to these bulletins to provide more information.



    This section typically is used to display a collection of all offices within a division.


    • Nonacademic Unit: /unit_alias/personnel/
    • Academic Department: /unit_alias/faculty/

    As the title suggests, this section is for a list of faculty and staff members for this unit. Including contact information is encouraged.



    Enter policies that are applicable to your unit here. Examples include policies concerning service requests, on-call procedures, student conduct, safety, inclement weather, sexual harassment, etc.



    Enter programs of study within your department, such as BS in Applied Mathematics, BS in Mathematics, etc. If you wish, you may create a folder for each program.



    Enter your department’s publications here (for instance, a journal your department publishes). Individual faculty publications should be listed on that faculty member’s webpage; they could also be announced in your site’s News section.

    Related Sites


    Are there any websites (external sites or internal IUP sites) that may be especially useful to your site’s users? If so, a list can be displayed here, with links to the sites themselves.



    Enter information about research being conducted by your department. You may include as much information as you want.



    Enter a list of services offered by your unit. Include as much detail as you want.