Finding Pages in the Workarea

  • Almost all web editing will take place from the web browser using PageBuilder. However, there may be times when you need to know the CMS folder location of another web page, usually because you want to make a quicklink to it. If you cannot figure out where such a page is located within the CMS folder structure, there is a quick trick for finding any page.

    Alphabetical Order

    Content in the Workarea of the CMS is stored in alphabetically ordered folders that contain similarly ordered subfolders. The structure of these folders was created when the site was originally loaded into the CMS. This was a few years ago, so the names of some programs and departments and their corresponding folder names have changed. However, for technical reasons the content must remain in the folder where it was originally placed.

    Where is My Page and Content?

    alphabetical order example

    Because folder names are updated but must remain in their original folder, your area’s content may not be stored where you would expect it. As shown in the example at the right, you might look for “Employee and Labor Relations” under “E,” but it will be found under “I” because, at the time the folder was created, it was called “Industrial and Labor Relations.”

    If you cannot locate your content/page, here is a quick trick to finding it in the CMS.

    Quickly Finding Pages and Content in the Workarea

    Sometimes you will have content to edit, or a page to which you want to quicklink, but won’t know where it is in the CMS. There is a trick to finding it.

    In the web browser, log in to Staging and go to the web page which you are trying to locate.

    Click the “switch to edit” button on the editing toolbar at the top of the page.

    Page Layouts

    If you want to locate the page in the CMS in order to quicklink to it, then you'll need to see the properties of the page layout, not of the content.

    Workarea toolbar design 750

    1. Click the Switch to Edit button on the editing toolbar at the top of the page, and then click on Design .
    2. In the PageBuilder menu, click on the Properties tab. This will display the full properties of the page layout, including its Page ID and the folder Path (its location within the CMS workarea).
    3. Or, if you need to edit the page layout’s title or summary (which requires being in the workarea), then scroll down within the PageBuilder menu’s Page Action tab and click on Properties. This will open the page layout properties. You will be able to find its path here, too, as well as its Content ID (same as the Page ID).

    Always quicklink to a page layout—never link to content.


    Switch to Edit button in top-of-page toolbar

    Click the “switch to edit” button on the editing toolbar at the top of the page, and then click on “Content.”

    Moving your mouse over the page will show boxes appearing around the separate items of content displayed there. Hover your mouse over the content you need to edit, then click once on the menu icon in the top right corner of that box (three horizontal lines).

    editing menu from pageUsually, you will now want to edit the content (text and/or images), so will click on “Edit.” The content will now open for editing in the workarea.

    If you just want to see where the content is located, click on “Properties.” This will open the Workarea to the Properties tab of that content block. Toward the bottom of the Properties tab is a line labeled “Path.” This shows the folder location of the content item. You can also look at the left side of the Workarea to see in which folder the content is located.


    Collection menuIf the content is actually a collection, you will be able begin editing it the same way. Clicking the collection menu icon will bring up the collection menu. You can now edit the collection.