Logging in to the CMS

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  • Firefox and Chrome are the recommended web browsers for web editing. Do not use Internet Explorer or Safari.

    These log-in directions are for our Staging server, the server on which you make edits and add new content to the website. Edits must only be made on the Staging server. Look for the big yellow “Staging” across the IUP logo at the top of the page.

    Note: If you see the word “Production” in big red letters, do not log in! You are on the wrong page. Make certain the URL is


    Please bookmark the staging login page.

    Logging in is a straightforward process of entering your IUP username and password.

    1. Go to the Staging login page: http://staging.www.iup.edu/iuplogin/. You will see this login box:
      new login prompt

      If you have not yet bookmarked this page or saved it to your favorites, please do so now. This will eliminate any errors when retyping the URL.
    2. Enter your user name and password in the pop-up box, then click the Login button. (Use the same user name and password you use to log in to the IUP network.)
    3. The page will reload, and you will see this toolbar at the top of the browser window: 
      New Editing Toolbar
    4. Using the A-Z Index link on the login page, navigate to your website and then to the web page that you want to edit. (Note: Clicking the Workarea button in the grey toolbar will open the Workarea, and you can then search for your site within the folders. However, it is easiest to begin your web editing from the actual web page instead. This allows you to see all of the page’s content in relation to each other.)
    5. Here is how to edit the content on your web page.

    If you are unable to log in, or if your username/password is not working, please submit an ihelp ticket.