Edit Content Through the Workarea

  • Use the information here to guide you in making changes to content that already exists on the website. If the content does not exist and has to be added, see How to Add Content Using the Workarea.

    1. After logging in and refreshing your browser, click the Workarea button (see image below) to open the Workarea:

      Work area buttons
    2. Once you have entered the Workarea, select the Content tab at the top and navigate to the correct folder.
    3. To find your website, click on the Units folder at the bottom of the folder list on the left side. Sites are listed in alphabetically ordered folders under the Units folder.
    4. On the left side of your Workarea, navigate to the appropriate folder within your site. The title of the content items within that folder will appear on the right side of the Workarea.
    5. Click on the title of the content block you wish to edit. The contents of the page, without the full formatting, will be visible on the right side of the Workarea, but you will not be able to edit it yet.
    6. Click the Edit button on the toolbar. You should then see a screen similar to the image below.

      Editing window
    7. The content will open on the Content tab. Make changes to your content as necessary. Be sure to click on the Summary tab and make any necessary changes to your summary.

      Note: If you do not set a summary, Ektron will set one for you, cutting off the content at its character limit. Ektron-generated summaries do not always make sense, so make sure you adjust it as necessary.
    8. Once you are finished making changes, it is helpful to preview your content before submitting it for approval. To do this, Check In the content, then locate the page in your Web browser on the Staging server (the web page’s URL will have “staging” before the “www,” i.e., http://staging.www.iup.edu.) Click on the Preview button to see what the page looks like with your changes.
    9. If you are pleased with your content after previewing it, either submit the content for approval by clicking on the Submit button on the toolbar, or open it for editing, make your changes, and then submit it.