Web Editing: Opening the Workarea

  • The preferred way to edit Web content is by starting from the Web browser, looking at the page on your website.

    There are many content blocks in the workarea which are no longer used or are redirected to another page. Editing from the web browser ensures that what you are editing is actually on the website.

    1. In the web browser, log in to Staging and go to the web page which you want to edit. Click the “switch to edit” button on the editing toolbar at the top of the page.
      Switch to Edit button in top-of-page toolbar
      Moving your mouse over the page will show boxes appearing around the separate items of content displayed there. Hover your mouse over the content you need to edit, then click once on Menu icon within content blockthe menu icon in the top right corner of that box (three horizontal lines). Click on “Edit,” and the workarea will open.

      (Using the Edit in Context function is best for quick edits only, such as correcting typos or punctuation. For full editing functions, please use the workarea.)
    2. Properties in the content menuYou can also look at the content in the workarea without opening it for editing. The easiest way to do this is by choosing “Properties” from the content block’s menu (see Step 1 above, and example at right). This will open the workarea and display the Properties tab of that content block. You now have the option of closing the workarea, or editing the content item by choosing the Edit icon at the top [insert image].

      Note: If you choose “Workarea” from the content block’s menu instead of “Properties,” the workarea will still open—however, you will be at the very top of the workarea folder structure and will be forced to hunt through the folders for your content.
    3. For direct access to the entire workarea, click the “Workarea” button at the top right of the editing toolbar, located at the top of the web page.
      Workarea button in top toolbar
      As noted above, this will open the workarea to the top of the entire site’s folder structure, not to the content you want to edit.

    The Workarea

    The following screen presents the basic components of the CMS workarea when it is first opened:

    First view of the workarea showing three main tabs

    The first three tabs are normally used by web maintainers:

    • Content – View, add, or edit Web content under this tab.
    • Library – Upload your images here.
    • Desktop – This tab is used byh website approvers to review content awaiting approval.

    Selecting a folder on the left side of the Workarea will display the folders contents on the right.

    Note: The Help tab does not function. Thus, the Digital Team has created this How-To section.