Use Page Elements to Highlight Content

  • When you need to highlight or draw attention to specific content on a webpage, make use of one or more of the page elements available in Ektron.

    When you need to highlight certain information, it is tempting simply to put it in larger type, perhaps by designating it as a Heading 2. But there are two problems with that:

    1. Visually, it does not do what you want. When you format the highlighted content as a heading, it just doesn’t stand out enough.

    2. Because this information isn’t actually a true heading, it is going to create confusion for search engines and screen readers. (See Use Meaningful Styles and Use Styles and Structural Elements According to Their Meaning for more information.)

    On your homepage, the highlights collection is one way to solve this problem. For other pages, the Digital Team has created some special content types that we are calling page elements. They include:

    Follow the links to get directions on how each of these works. Additional page elements are in the works. (If you have an idea for one, let the Digital Team know!)