Coordinate Off-Line Ad Campaigns with Your Website

  • Every print or other off-line ad campaign should include a link for more information. When followed, that link should, in fact, supply more information—and a call to action.

    If you’ve been developing quality content about each major or program, you are probably in good shape. If not, it’s never too late to get started. (Also, do check your content to make sure it is up to date before an ad campaign starts. Using news and events can be a big help here.)

    Having a clear call to action is just as important—maybe more important—as having up-to-date information. If you are so lucky as to have people type in your URL after seeing your print ad, you want to make sure they leave their name and contact information. This allows you to follow up by e-mail or phone and lets you know that your ad is working. (For more on calls to action, see Use Clear Calls to Action.)

    One last note: To help you measure the traffic generated by a particular print ad, the Digital Team can create a campaign URL just for the ad. A campaign URL is a special URL that doesn’t exist on the site. When users type it in, we redirect them to your program (or other), but before we do, we count them as having come from your print ad. For instance, we might create:

    Which redirects to

    The campaign URL is created for one-time use: every new print ad gets a different campaign URL. When the ad run is done, we stop using that URL. This allows us to track traffic on an ad-by-ad basis. Once a month, the Digital Team can generate a report for you, showing the amount of traffic that comes to the sites based on that ad. This information can be invaluable for deciding which ads are working and which are not.

    If you need a campaign URL for your print ad, contact the Digital Team.