• Download the Video Content Template

    Download the current version of the Video Content Template.

    Upload Your Video to YouTube

    Here’s how to make sure your video is where Web users expect to find it. 

  • Web maintainers can add embedded YouTube videos to just about any page on the website.

    While we do have a streaming server available, it is limited in the formats it handles. For this reason, we serve almost all of IUP’s video content from our EDU Partner YouTube Channel.

    Follow the directions below to get your video online!

  • Upload Your Video to YouTube
    There are several advantages to posting your video on IUP’s YouTube channel.
    Create Your Web Video
    Tips on planning, shooting and editing a video production. Review this list before you start your production.
    Video Content Template
    What good is a video if people don’t watch it? Help them find it with the Video Content Template.
    Video Formats for the Web
    Advice on choosing the correct format for your video and on getting your video file to the Web Team.
    Add a YouTube Video to a Page or News Post
    Learn how to easily embed a video into your page or news post.