Create Your Web Video

  • Upload Your Video to YouTube

    Here’s how to make sure your video is where Web users expect to find it.

  • Before you begin a video production, review this list.

    There are several simple things that you can plan before you begin shooting will make editing and distributing your video even easier.

    Basic Planning of the Video Concept

    Before you shoot, you should plan out your video concept. Consider both the message and the audience you want to target.

    • Who is your audience?
    • What is the one feeling you want to communicate to your audience?

    Things to Think about before Shooting

    With all the potential compatibility issues between file types and software, it is best to plan out and make sure that your camera, the file it produces and your editing software will all work together.

    • Consider the camera you have. Is it HD or SD? Tape or file? What type of memory storage does it have (SD, CF, internal, etc.)?
    • Sony Vegas is the best editing software for taking any type of file. Check to see what file types your editing software takes.
    • How will you use this video, and what is the end use. Will it go on the web, to DVD or something else?
    • When picking subjects for the video, think about having a conversation with them. Are they engaging? Do they make eye contact with you? Do they seem at ease speaking to groups? Then they will be good on camera. If you answered “no” to any of these questions, find someone else.
    • Just because someone is the expert doesn’t mean they will be the best at communicating the feeling you want.
    • Plan. Visit the location you’d like to shoot in, and take note of important details. How is the ambient noise? Are there power outlets for the gear? Check for an echo (clap and listen). Note the time of day you’ll be there and how that affects the light in that location.

    Basic Tips for Shooting

    • Be aware of background noise.
    • Be aware of the light.
    • Be aware of the subjects clothing.
    • Watch back your footage before you leave the scene.

    Basic Editing Tips

    • Keep it simple. Use cuts, not fades, pushes or fancy shape transitions.
    • Don’t start with credits. Open with a simple title slate for three to five seconds, depending on how much text it includes.
    • Keep it short. If you can’t engage a viewer in the first fifteen seconds, they're gone.
    • Music is not always necessary. Consider if it will it add to the production or distract.