Upload Your Video to YouTube

  • If you are using video and audio on your website, make sure you put it where web users expect to find it: on YouTube.

    YouTube is currently the world’s second-most-used search engine (Google is the first). Having content on YouTube is a great way to attract attention to your department and to your website.

    You can either share the video file with the Digital Team via OneDrive, or upload the file to X:\Temporary.

    Upload to the IUP YouTube Channel

    Via OneDrive

    (One TB of storage is allotted to all students and employees of IUP. Learn more.)

    1. Log in to OneDrive and upload the video file, along with the filled-out Video Content Template.

    2. Share the file or folder with Bruce Dries (bvdries@iup.edu), Jessie Groll (jgroll@iup.edu), and Eric Pinkerton (epinkert@iup.edu).

    Via X:\Temporary

    (Employee access only)

    1. Locate the Temporary folder on the IUP global X drive.

    2. Make your own temporary subfolder within that folder.

    3. Copy your video(s) here, along with the filled-out Video Content Template.

    4. Email web-team@iup.edu to let us know.

  • Advantages of Using the IUP YouTube Channel

    While you can create your own YouTube account and post your video, the Digital Team can post them on IUP’s YouTube channel for you. This gives you several advantages:

    • As a YouTube university partner, we can post videos longer than ten minutes

    • We actively promote our YouTube channel and likely will get your video more viewers than you could on your own.

    • When your video is part of the IUP YouTube channel, your video can come up as a “Related Video” on other IUP videos, again increasing your exposure.

    • IUP’s YouTube channel includes links to our major admissions sites, encouraging viewers to move from viewing to applying.

    YouTube Channel ScreenshotNote that even though your video will be stored on the IUP YouTube channel, you will still be able to:

    • Embed it on your website

    • Include it in playlists, or as the featured video, on your own YouTube site

    What Not to Do

    Do not repost a video on the IUP YouTube channel via your own YouTube account.

    Videos are ranked, in part, by their popularity. When you split the views of your video between two copies, you’ll get two less popular videos.

    In other words, viewers are more likely to find your video if there is one copy with 1,000 views than if there are two copies with 500 views each.