Links on Personnel Form to Faculty and Staff Pages

  • It’s easy to add links to personal faculty and staff webpages on the main Personnel (or Faculty and Staff) page.

    First, locate the person’s page layout in the CMS workarea folder (within the !PageLayouts set of folders). Find the Content ID (same as Page ID) of the person’s page. This will be a six-digit number. Make a note of this number.

    Here's a quick and easy way to locate any page’s ID number.

    Add the Link

    Open the Personnel (or Faculty and Staff) smartform for editing (not the page layout).

    1. Log into staging, then go to the page in the staging web browser (Firefox or Chrome only).
    2. Click “Switch to Edit” at the top.
    3. Hover over the main content box and click the menu icon in the upper right.
    4. Choose “Edit.”

    At the bottom of each person’s section in the smartform is a “homepage” field. 

    The “homepage” field link will always be in this format:

    Replace the final numbers in the example above with the actual page ID, and place this into the “homepage” field on the Personnel smartform. This will create a link to the person’s web page.

    Note: If the personal page is not on the server (not in the CMS workarea), then the actual URL will need to be copied and pasted into the homepage field instead.