Can't Find the Collection?

  • To feature a news post on your website using Imported News or Highlighted News, the appropriate news collection must already be created within your site’s main News folder within the CMS workarea.

    Important: Be certain that the collection is in the correct folder. Otherwise it will not work.

    Open the !PageLayouts set of folders and click directly on the News folder found there. Do not choose the News folder found in the set of content folders. 

    Is the Collection Already There?

    • On the right side of the screen, mouse over View and go to Collection.
    • You should have Imported News and Highlighted News.
    • If you see the collection that you need, all is well. You can now add items to the collection, if you choose. Follow the links above for more information.

    If the main News folder does not contain the featured news collection that you need, here’s how to create the collection:

    Create the Collection

    1. Click directly on your main News folder. On the right side of the screen, mouse over New and go to Collection. The “Add Collection” screen will come up.
    2. Enter a title for the collection in the Title field. These titles must be exact. 
      • Imported News
      • Highlighted News
        • Check the box to Include Subfolders.
        • Do not check the Approval box.
        • Click on the Save button at the top.

        Learn more about adding items to Imported News and Highlighted News.