Highlighted News

  • Only news posts will appear in Highlighted News. Although it’s possible to add regular web pages to the Highlighted News collection, they will not appear on your News page.

  • Have you seen a news post on another department or office website that you like so much that you want it to appear at the top of your own news feed? You can do this with Highlighted News.

    Highlighted News lets you grab any news post from anywhere on the IUP website, even one of your own, and “stick” it to the top of your News page in a special highlighted box. It will also appear at the top of your home page’s news feed as well. The news post will remain there until it is manually removed from the Highlighted News collection.

    Add a Highlighted News Post:

    Before you start: Make a note of the news post’s exact headline.

    Highlighted News works just like a collection.

    • Log in to the staging server.
    • Click on “workarea” in the toolbar at the top of the page.
      workarea button in top-of-page toolbar
    • In the workarea, navigate to your main News folder, located in the !PageLayouts set of folders on your website. Click directly on the folder named “News" to display the folder contents.
    • Hover over the View tab and choose Collection.
    • Click on the “Highlighted News” collection. The workarea will now open to that collection.
    • Click the Add Items button at the top of the new window. Then, using the folders in the right-hand pane (see image below), navigate through the IUP website until you find the news item you want. Check the box next to that item’s title, and click the Add button at top.
      • Important: Stay in the right-hand pane of the workarea! If you click on a folder in the left-hand pane, you will jump out of the collection and have to start all over.

    Correct location of Sticky News folder

    • To add items from another site’s news feed, click the Up icon (the folder at top with an up-arrow) to navigate to another website in the workarea.
    • In the folders for the site you want to add, open their !PageLayouts set of folders and then click directly on the News folder under that section.
    • Now click on the “[office or department name] News” folder. An alphabetical list of all of their news items will appear.
    • Locate the headline of the news post you want to add and check the box next to it.
    • Click the Add button at the top of the Collection window to add the selected news to your collection. It is important to click the Add icon before navigating to another folder.
    • If more than one item is in the Highlighted News collection, the list can be reordered.
    • Here is more information about working with collections.

    The selected news item(s) will now appear at the top of your News page and will remain there until you remove it from the collection. It will also appear at the top of the news feed on your site’s home page. This post will be in addition to the news items that appear in that area.

    You can also do this with your own news posts: for instance, if there is a news post that you want to receive attention, but which keeps getting pushed down the list by new posts. Just add this post to the Highlighted News collection, and it will remain on top until you remove it from the collection.

    Note: If you add a news post from your own news feed, it will appear twice—once in the Highlighted News collection, and once in its regular position. This applies to both the home page news feed and your site’s main News page.