Working with “IUP Daily” and the “Beak”

  • Guidelines for “IUP Daily”
    Where does “IUP Daily” news come from, who gets it and why, what goes in and what doesn’t, and more information.
    Is Your Published News Not in “IUP Daily”?
    See possible reasons why your news post was not included in “IUP Daily.”
    “IUP Daily” and the “Beak” FAQ
    “IUP Daily” is an electronic newsletter written by employees for employees.
    Make Sure You Get “IUP Daily”
    If “IUP Daily” is ending up in your junk mail folder instead of your inbox, here is how to have it delivered correctly.
    Putting Your News and Events in “IUP Daily” and the “Beak”
    Find out how to place news and events in “IUP Daily,” the email newsletter for employees, and the “Beak,” the email newsletter for students.
    Keeping the “New” in News
    When an event is promoted more than once, it is tempting to update an already-existing news post with the revised information. However, doing this will nearly guarantee that no one will notice this “new” news post.