Guidelines for “IUP Daily”

  • Explanation of Sections
    Details of the various sections included in “IUP Daily.”
    What Goes In, What Doesn’t
    If all published news items were included in each “IUP Daily,” each issue would be too long to effectively read. By narrowing the field of news posts, “IUP Daily” can remain accessible and informative without being overwhelming.
    Who Gets “IUP Daily”?
    “IUP Daily” is delivered automatically to all employees of IUP. Subscription is also available for non-employees, such as retired faculty, alumni, or interested community members.
    Where Does the News Come From?
    “IUP Daily” features news from throughout the university, compiled from all of the news feeds from all websites hosted at
    Why “IUP Daily”?
    IUP Daily is your tool for sharing events, achievements, and other news from your area, as well as for learning about what’s happening on the rest of the campus.