Adding Content to a Page Layout

  • To add content to a page, start by adding a content widget to a column. (If there is already content in the column, but you want to replace it with different content, go to Add the Content below.)

    (If you want to make a brand new page, go to Creating a Page Layout.)

    1. Open the Page Layout for Editing

    2. Add the Widget

    1. From the PageBuilder menu, click on the Widgets tab. The Widgets menu appears, showing the available widgets (content, collection, etc.)
    2. Click on the widget you want to add.
      • For regular content, choose IUPContent. If you want to add a collection, choose IUPCollection.
      • Blue boxes will appear on the page in all areas where the widget could be placed. Click on one of them.
    3. The Widget will appear in the column. (Note: columns and widgets will not appear until the mouse is moved over them.)

    3. Add the Content

    1. The top of the Content Block Widget has three icons: Move, Edit, and Delete. To add content to the widget (or to replace content that is already in the widget), choose Edit (the pencil icon).
    2. A folder window will open. The folders will always start in the root section of the CMS folder structure. Scroll down to the Units folder, click on the + sign to open it, and navigate down to the folder containing the content you want to add to the page.
      • Clicking directly on the folder will show the content within the folder, but will not show subfolders. Click the + sign to see the subfolders.
      • If the widget already contains content, then the folder window will open to that content’s location.
    3. Locate the folder that holds your content, and click directly on the folder name. The titles of the content in that folder will be displayed. (Hovering over each content item in the folder will show brief details about that content.)
    4. Click once on the content you want to add, and then click Save at the bottom of the folder window. (You could also double-click on the content title.)
      • Note: if the Save button is not visible, you can move the window by clicking and dragging the top of the window.
    5. The page will reload, and the content will appear on the page.

    You can add different content blocks to the same column by adding another widget and repeating the procedures above. Each widget can only hold one piece of content.

    If you want different content or collection blocks to appear side by side, instead of in one column, you must add additional columns to the page.

    Submit or Check In the Layout

    When you finish editing the page layout, you must choose Check In or Submit from the PageBuilder menu. The Check In and Submit options can be found under the Page Action section in the menu.

    Important: Do not submit a checked-out page layout from the workarea. This will not work correctly. Always submit or check in a page layout from the web browser while you are editing it.

    If the page layout is checked in, then it’s safe to submit it from the workarea.