Replace a PDF or Other MS Office Document

  • Once a PDF or other Office document is in the CMS, you can easily update the file. By replacing the existing file, you can avoid having to update links you may have created to the file.

    Updating an Office document

    Note: Files can only replace files of the same type—e.g., you cannot replace a PDF with a Word doc.

    To update an Office document that is already in the CMS, you need to first locate the file in the CMS:

    1. Go to the Workarea and click on Content at the top.
      The content tab
    2. On the left side of the Workarea, navigate to the folder where the Office document is located. Click once on the folder title.
    3. On the right side of the Workarea, click once on the Office document file title.
      PDF file in work area
    4. Then click the Edit icon to open the Office document for editing:Click the Edit icon to open the PDF for editing
    5. Click on the Browse button, and locate the updated file on your computer. Double-click the name of the file.Click the Browse button to find the new PDF
    6. Review the title and summary, and update if needed. Be sure to check for incorrect dates or outdated information and update accordingly.
      • Note: The CMS title of the file will automatically change to the name of the newly uploaded file. Edit the title if needed before submitting.
    7. Submit the file. You will be prompted with a message notifying you that you are overwriting this file. Click OK to confirm and complete the submission.

    Once the Office document has gone through workflow, it will be updated on the live site the following day. If this Office document was linked to from a page(s) or added in a Collection, you do not need to do anything further. The new file will replace the old one. For Collections, the title and summary of the Office document will also update if revisions were made to those.