Reviewing and Approving Content

  • If you are an approver for a department or office website, it is likely that you will need to approve submitted content (including files) or submitted page layouts. These items could be submitted by authors (web maintainers) who are also working on your website, or by other members of your office or department who are using the “Suggest a News Item” feature on your website.

    See the list of web maintainers for your site.

  • Email Notification

    Approvers: Get an email when items are submitted for approval.

  • How to Approve Items

    1. Go to the staging website login page,
      • It’s recommended that you bookmark this page.
    2. Log in using your IUP user name and password. For more detailed instructions on logging in to the content management system, see How to Log in to the Staging Server.

    3. Click the Workarea button (top right of the editing toolbar, at the top of the page).
      Workarea button in top-of-page toolbarYour workarea will open to the Smart Desktop (see step 4).

    4. Click on the Desktop tab. You should now see, at the top left side of the Workarea, your Content Awaiting Approval. To see the full information about all items awaiting your approval (last editor, view the differences, etc.), click on View All.
      • (If you cannot find the Content Awaiting Approval section, here’s how to recover it.)
    5. Smart Desktop

    6. Click the title of the item you wish to review/approve. This will be either content (page text, news items, events, or files), or a page layout. Content blocks and page layouts have different icons:
      • content icon Content
      • page layout icon Page Layout

    Content (text, news, event, file)

    1. Click the Content tab in that window to see the submission.
      • web approver optionsView Diff: Opens a new window to display changes made to the content (Note: Links and some formatting will not be apparent until the content is open for editing.)
      • View Publish: Shows the currently published content, for comparison with the submitted version on Staging.
    2. If you would like to approve the content as is, click the Submit button, located at the top left.

    1. If you would like a closer look, open the content for editing using the Edit button, and review. You may also make changes at this time. If you are satisfied with the content after making changes, click the Submit button.
    2. You also have the option of Declining the content, using the second icon from left. This will leave the content in a checked-in state. If you choose this option, you should contact the person who made the submission to explain why it was declined.
      • Note: News that is submitted via the “Suggest a News Item” link on your main News page will not show who submitted it. Use your judgment in handling these submissions, as they will represent your website.
      • Always review the summary of submitted news items. Read more about making a proper summary.
      • If an approver submits a news item via the “Suggest a News Item” link on their own website, they will still need to open the Smart Desktop and approve their own submission.

    Exception: Calendar Events

    Calendar events awaiting approval do not have an Edit option (this may be fixed in a future CMS upgrade).

    If the event needs editing, you can Decline the event, then go into your Events folder and open the content for editing as normal (see How to Update an Existing Event. Or submit the event, and edit it after it’s published.

    Page Layout

    A page layout submission is a little more difficult to review, because it’s not obvious from looking at it what has changed. But there are a few things that should be checked:

    • Summary Tab: Make sure the summary of the page is accurate. More info about summaries.
    • Content Tab: There needs to be content on the page, or else it will be blank. You will see “Page Data” at the top of this section. If there is additional code underneath, then that is fine. This is telling the page layout what content to display on the page. You can even see the content ID that is selected.
      But if there is nothing under “Page Data,” then that means the page is blank, and you must decline the submission. This will check it back in, and you should then contact the person who submitted it and ask them to re-edit the page layout, then re-submit it.

    After approving the submitted page layout, you can compare it to how it looked before.

    1. Go to the web page on the staging server.
    2. Open a new tab or window and view the same page, but on the live site.

    If you notice a problem with the newly published version, contact your web author to correct the problem, or edit the page layout yourself.

    Once you have completed the approval process, close the Workarea and log out of the content management system.

  • Recovering the “Content Awaiting Approval” Section

    If you do not have a “Content Awaiting Approval” section under the Desktop tab, look at the upper-right of the workarea desktop, under the word “Staging.” You should see a little down-arrow. Click that, and choose Reset Widgets. You should now see the correct section.