Step 3: Adding Captions

  • While it is not necessary for each table to have a caption, a caption is generally very helpful to describe its contents.

    Here’s how to add a caption to a table:

    1. Click within any of the table cells (NOT in the grey bounding areas).
    2. Table Caption iconThe formatting toolbar will show a single icon. Hovering over it will display "Table caption." Click this icon once (see image at right).
    3. "Table caption" will appear above the table, highlighted in blue. Because it is highlighted, anything you type will replace this text. Type the caption of your table. When finished, click anywhere else within the editor.

    Note: The caption will look different depending on whether or not you have chosen the display class. Its appearance does not affect its function—it is still a correctly formatted caption.

       Caption with Display Class
    Caption without Display Class

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