Step 1: Making a Table

  • Insert Table gridWith the content open for editing, click in the editing window to show the formatting toolbar. Click the Insert tab, and then click on the Table icon. In the grid, move your mouse until the desired number of rows and columns are highlighted, and then click once to add the table.

    When adding text to the cells, you can either click your mouse within each cell, or move from one to the next by pressing Tab (Shift + Tab moves backwards through the cells).

    A critical step toward creating an accessible table is to designate row and/or column headers. In the example shown below, Course Name, Course Number, and Location will be the column headers. The row headers will be Webology 101 and Webology 201.

    Course Name
    Course Number
    Webology 101
    WBLG101 Delaney G-41
    Webology 201
    Delaney G-41

    The next step is to properly mark the headers so that the cells in each column and row are associated with the correct headers. Do not italicize the text in order to make a header—this is artificial and will not create a real header. A header will automatically be italicized.

    Step 2: Making Headers