IUP-ASERT Collaborative

  • The IUP-ASERT Collaborative is a grant venture with the Autism Services, Education, Resources, and Training Collaborative (ASERT), which is funded by the Bureau of Autism Services and the Office of Development Programs, Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare.

    DVD cover: ACT for Autism (Assess, Communicate, Treat)In 2013, a new training manual and DVD, A Guide for Emergency Department Personnel: Assessing and Treating Individuals With Autism, aims to educate emergency medical personnel on how to assess, communicate with, and treat the autistic patient.

    DVD cover: Assessment and Communication Tactics for Autism - First RespondersIn 2012, the first in the series of training manuals and DVDs designed for first responders was developed to educate first responders on how to assess and communicate with, and about tactics on how to deal with people with autism.

    For more information on this project, contact Joann Migyanka, Primary Investigator, at jmigyanka@iup.edu or at 724-357-5679.

    Copies of the training materials can be purchased by contacting the Office of Special Projects

    Jeff Fratangeli, Project Director, jefffrat@iup.edu
    Lynnette Colton, Project Assistant, lcolton@iup.edu

    or by calling 724-357-4719.