Unit Assessment

  • Assessment System

    IUP’s Professional Education Unit has designed and implemented a Unit Assessment System (KARS) that is aligned with its conceptual framework, program, and national and state standards. The system enables the collection and analysis of data on program candidates from areas which include key assessments, surveys, and experiential from all programs leading to certification as teachers and other school professionals. Data reports are generated in the NCATE Electronic Evidence Room.


    LiveText was adopted in 2012 as the Unit solution to enhance the KARS system and gather more robust documentation of student outcomes as required by NCATE. LiveText is an Web-based solution that will allow the unit to seamlessly integrate and report data that measures outcomes-based learning goals and objectives for accreditation and continuous improvement. Data for Unit Assessments began in 2012 as part of our ongoing long-term commitment to program improvement.

    Program Assessment

    Teacher preparation programs in the unit have an obligation not only to measure the performance of their candidates on performance indicators from the Unit Conceptual Framework using Key Assessments, but also to measure program specific goals or performance indicators against SPA and PDE standards. Maintaining a culture of continuous improvement implies devoting regular attention to the process of collecting and analyzing assessment data for the purpose of identifying program and unit strengths and areas of need, as well as acting to make improvements in the areas of need.